Hi buddy, well, that was Brandon Straka at CPAC. He put up a jail cell exhibit and people could put on headsets and listen to interviews from the gulag. I wasn’t there, I’m dealing with team stuff here in Florida, but I think the interviews came from a variety of public sources. Ours could have been some of them but I have no way of knowing. We load the bow, fire the shaft, then look for the next target. Maybe we hit and score somewhere, I seldom see the results, all we can do is keep firing down range. Glad you got comms back, it’s a bit nasty outside as you may have surmised..hard to say what will tip the scale..gas prices, food prices, rising interest, food SHORTAGES, illegals and drugs at the border, weaponized justice, monkey pox madness, conservative persecution… Pick one….or take two, they’re cheap! Sucks… Primaries massacred the RINOs, tell Kyle they all went over the cliff in a mammoth stampede. lol. he’ll get the joke. So Brandon is doing good in Ft worth. He’s being well treated and evaluated. Waiting for court decision on his health to be tried. We listen in on your cases when the ass hats turn on the VTC. Disgusting. I wish they would televise THAT and let America see what has become of our courts and justice systems. Instead we have the J6 clown show on every channel. At least they have shown how biased it all has become and no one is watching anymore. Bet they watch the Republican investigation cuz it’s gonna be juicy! Hollar if u need sumtin.
FuriousTim 8-7-22