One of the things that is often misunderstood is why J6ers who are not incarcerated, or their families have fundraisers. It is because they have lost their jobs after being arrested putting their financial situation in jeopardy at the very moment they need to pay for lawyers. Many have lost their homes or are fighting to keep them. Those who are on ankle monitors are often prevented from working. Companies big and small do not want their businesses to be affected by having a “criminal” in their midst. Some of course are left leaning places where Trump and his supporters are hated. All this has put J6er families in dire straight, thus the fundraisers possible thanks to a Christian company givesendgo that showed compassion from the beginning as Christ would have it and allows J6ers to raise funds on their platforms unlike woke companies like gofundme.

Some J6ers have found some creative ways to make a living and do not have a fundraiser or have one to supplement what they are doing.
Of course, we do not know about all the other cases as close to 1400 people have been arrested since 2021, but two specific cases come to mind: Brian Mock and Angel Harrelson.

Brian Mock* was just sentenced to 33 months including time served (see below for sentencing details). He is preparing to go serve his time and keeping himself busy in the meantime. He is OK with people helping him but he wants them to have something in return. So he has been collecting antiques pieces and put them for sale on Ebay (about 100 of them.) You can help him by buying/putting a bid on one or more of the items by searching Ebay with the word – vintagegoldauctions. He would love for everything to go before he goes to prison so when he is released, he can start his life back in a positive financial state. He said: “I’d rather sell something than ask for money!” We applaud this sentiment.

An entrepreneurial J6er’s family member is Angel Harrelson. Wife of Kenneth Harrelson** who was one of the long residents of the DC Gulag since 2021 and the USP Atlanta is a very talented woman. From the very beginning she has fought for her husband and for their family so they would not become another financial casualty in this gigantic battle against a terrific adversary, the American DOJ. She started off just selling iron shirts but wasn’t doing well with it. Then as she told us with excitement in her voice: “I love crafts and I enjoy the beauty of the outcome when the embroidered items are complete, so I started small, like patches! I needed to do something to keep us afloat and to keep my mind busy”. She has created designs for T-shirts, patches, and hats to raise awareness about J6. She definitely took it to the next level as she embroiders shirts, patches, and hats which is more permanent than other means and she is really good at it. Having a big heart, she also has added a spot to help others on her website. Support her at

* Brian Mock was sentenced by Chief Judge Boasberg to 33 months (he served 11 months already in DC), 24 months’ probation (no drug testing or financials), $710 fine, $2000 restitution. Surrender no earlier than April 24.
** Kenneth Harrelson was sentenced 2024 by Judge Amit Mehta to 48 months (still serving sentence since 03-10-2021), 24 months’ probation.