For Judge Walton, it was not about giving a fair sentence, it was about punishing Daniel Goodwyn for appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show. This has been the impression of many who followed his case and heard about the judge’s remarks before he announced his sentence.

Daniel and his family arrived in DC on Sunday night after a long drive from Texas. They wanted to avoid the TSA’s harassment described by other J6ers since many have been put on a terrorist list. Yes, you read that right, a terrorist list. The terrorist label is (s s s s) is printed on boarding passes. How you end up on a terrorist list after being in the Capital for 36 seconds is another story. It has also been reported that family members of J6ers are also labeled as terrorists. It isn’t known until you show up at the airport, having already paid for tickets. The Goodwyn family wants to thank the Real J6 for graciously paying for their hotel and gas as well as for their family friends’ contributions that help offset the trip expenses. They also want to thank all those who prayed for Daniel. His mother says that they could feel the prayers despite the feeling of oppression that DC brings.

Let review the timeline since January 6th, 2021.
Daniel drove to DC as part of his job for to document history. He made his way to the West terrace where peaceful protestors were gathered.  As it has always been his custom, he made a stop at his parents in Texas on his way back to California and remained there several weeks enjoying family time and good food. It is where the DOJ sent an Antiterrorism Task Force early in the morning of 1/29/2021. His family was put on their knees and handcuffed except strangely enough his mother. When she asked for the warrant. the FBI agent declined to give it to her and told her she would get it at the end of their search throughout the house which lasted several long hours. The raid was not as traumatic as the ones that other peaceful Americans suffered since January 6th. Some still have PTSD even after 2 years. It is obviously a show of force to intimidate Americans into submission. It is worth noting that Daniel’s lawyer at the time had made an appointment with the FBI for Daniel to pay them a visit on Tuesday, but they decided to make the big theatrical show on the preceding Friday. One reason for this may have been in order to be able to confiscate all his devices.

So, Daniel went to the Capitol. He did not see any barrier or any indication that the place was restricted. He did not see police blocking the door. As he entered, he noticed a line of police inside on his left. They were just standing there with no indication that the place was restricted. When one policeman after a few seconds told him to leave, he left. It is still unclear why this police officer singled out Daniel at this time while the other seem perfectly fine with all the other protestors walking around the area. We would be interested in this police officer to come forward and let us know. As it is very clear on the video footage of the incident as shown on the Tucker Carlson’s show, Daniel did not break through a police barrier, he did not hurt anyone, he did not break anything, he committed no violence. He did not know he was in a restricted area as no sign was posted anywhere and police were not blocking the area. You would think that if the place was indeed restricted, the line of police would have been outside protecting the door instead of standing idle inside and outside doing no such thing asking people to leave.

For these 36 seconds in the Capitol, Daniel was arrested, spent 21 days in jail and 13 months in home confinement. Joseph McBride, his lawyer at the time, was able to obtain his release from home confinement after 13 months and Daniel spent the reminder of his time before his sentencing on June 5th no longer on home confinement but still restricted to the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas and unable to return to San Francisco where he used to live.

Daniel was an upstanding citizen of his community where he ministered every day. His main activities there was street preaching, prayer ministry, and working to foster the unity of the San Francisco churches. In 2019, noticing the trend in censorship in social media, he organized several free speech events in order to send a clear warning to Christians and others that censorship was a real and present danger in America. We all know now that he was right just as Laura Loomer was, especially since Elon Musk bought Twitter and Twitter files were released.

To return to Judge Walton, it is very clear that he is not interested in knowing the truth about the deaths on January 6th. In his sentencing diatribe, he said: “You should not have been — you cannot convince me that somehow what she was doing was somehow justified and the police did not have a justification for taking the actions that they took. You can’t convince me of that.” (page 63), and accused Daniel of misinformation. How then can you expect a judge to be impartial? He had already made his mind and was going to try and justify his sentence. However, his family did not feel the judge was fair and impartial. They believe that the sentence, though not as harsh as they feared, was unwarranted, a demonstration of an animus against all Trump supporters – whom he has called Nazis previously. Fortunately, however, thanks to the excellent defense by Carol Stewart, an amazing lawyer and patriot, Judge Walton restrained himself a little and did not give as harsh a sentence as was demanded by the vindictive prosecution. It is worth mentioning that the prosecution had asked for a fine of the amount of the fundraiser David Sumrall has graciously created in his behalf. There is a new fundraiser now:

Daniel was sentenced to 60 days of incarceration and one year of supervised release. He will surrender at FCI Bastrop on July 20th. He will finish his sentence by service 39 days as he served 21 days when he was arrested in 2021. He should be out on July 27th or 28th.

Please pray for him, send him mail, contribute to his fundraiser.

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Incarcerated for 20 days. Then on Home Detention for 13 months then Free on recognizance for 847 days.


Reggie Barnett Walton

Appointed By: George W. Bush
Confirmation Date:
Born: February 8, 1949 (age 74) North Charleroi, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Gender: Male
West Virginia State University (BA)
American University (JD)