As many people were arrested for their presence in or around the Capitol in Washington DC, we perceived that much misinformation started to pop up especially from the obviously biased media. We knew then that it was time to tell the truth.
This is why we created @j6PatriotNews on Telegram.

Happy Easter- He Is Risen!

On behalf of J6PatriotNews and The American Gulag Chronicles, happy Easter. On this special day of Celebrating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, we would like to remember all the J6ers who are linguishing in jail. For them, this year, there will be not special celebration with family and friends. For some of them the same with happen for several years. Let us pray that real justice will prevail in America! Let us put [...]

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Help Sherry, Mother of Bobby Gieswein Keep their Home

Sherry who has been diagnosed with lupus has a failing health and the arrest of her son Bobby has been devastating emotionally and financially. She needs $$2500 in order to keep her home. Sherry is a dedicated mother and has worked hard all her life. She has been unable to work because of serious health issues and needs help during this very difficult time. She gave an update about Bobby and herself: March 21, [...]

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The Profit-Driven Prison System: A Detriment to Inmates and Their Families – More Prison Reform Is Needed!

President Trump's signing of the prison reform bill was a step in the right direction, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. The current situation with the J6ers has further highlighted the flaws in our justice and prison systems. The decision to entrust the responsibility of prisons to for-profit entities has not resulted in better conditions for inmates; instead, the priority remains solely on profit. The conditions that [...]

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Operation Jericho 23 & Congressional Advocacy for J6 Defendants

Below is an important letter sent to Congressman Rosendale by MG Paul E. Vallely (RET) of the Stand Up America Foundation. This letter is advocating for the four J6 detainees below. 📬 William Chrestman #376975 Correctional Treatment Facility DC-CTF 1901 D St. SE Washington DC 20003 🎂 11/16 🎂 💰 View fundraiser Incarcerated since 2/11/2021 or 757 days. 📬 James McGrew #377892 Correctional Treatment Facility DC-CTF 1901 D St. SE [...]

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Angel Harrelson and Julietsix

We talked to Angel Harrelson, wife of J6 defendant Kenneth Harrelson*. Like many wives she had to suffer the consequences of the DOJ's attack on J6ers - breadwinner in jail and unable to provide for his family, media lies, lawyer fees, pain of being separated from the man she loves. Yet she is strong and wants to help J6ers. She asked for prayers and  added: "We the People need to speak out and speak [...]

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Address Updates and Lists Updates with New Incarserations

We wish we did not have to do updates so often especially when new people are starting serving time. But we do not want them to be forgotten so here it is. We who are free at this time have no idea how long a day in jail is, especially when solitary confinement has become the norm for J6ers. So please, write them so they know they are not forgotten! New to our list: [...]

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NEW J6ers – Let’s Show Support

We want the jails/prisons to know that J6ers are supported and one way to do it is to flood the jails with mail. It has been over two years and the DOJ is still arresting people every week. In the mean time people are being sentenced every week to and some are starting serving sentences. We try to keep an eye on all J6 news and the Patriot Mail Project adds people to their [...]

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ProudBoys Trial Update by Nicole Reffitt

A sunny day in DC, so sunny I guess a juror for the Proud Boy Trial has decided to take a “sick” day, so court was cut short for today. Honestly, I feel for the jury, there are so many sidebars, and them waiting in a small room, I wonder how much testimony they really get to see in a day?? When court let out, I had coffee with one of the defense attorneys who [...]

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