As many people were arrested for their presence in or around the Capitol in Washington DC, we perceived that much misinformation started to pop up especially from the obviously biased media. We knew then that it was time to tell the truth.
This is why we created @j6PatriotNews on Telegram.

Sandy Rios Interviews Stacy Hager and Daniel Goodwyn

Listen to the podcast here. Sandy Rios is a great woman and while she had a show for many years on, she started the podcast around a year ago. AFR is still promoting her on their site. Sandy is a great patriot and has been talking about January 6th since the beginning. Thank you Sandy!

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P R A Y ! A call to prayer has been announced on many platforms and by many organizations. J6Patriotnews joins the call and asks that all Americans with a sense of justice pray for these men and their families during these three days. Pray for mercy, pray for real justice, pray for biases to be set apart!

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Life After J6 Trials – Russell Alford

Russell Alford is an owner of an auto body shop in Etowah County, Alabama. He came to Washington, DC and attended Trump's Save America Rally. Following the speech he walked to the Capital with the crowd. He entered the Capital through an open door with no police protecting it. For the 11 minutes he was inside he stayed near that door with many other non-violent protesters and never confronted police, finally leaving on his [...]

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Free at Last – Bart Shively

After battling cancer at the DC Gulag, Bart, a veteran who fought for his country, is finally getting out of the DC Gulag. This is a victory that J6ers and their supporters are excited to celebrate praising God for this positive outcome. Earlier, the V.A. tried to deny him medical treatment because of his alleged involvement on January 6. "My country knowingly gave me cancer while I was serving in the Marines and is [...]

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MAGA Mouse to the Rescue by Katelyn Mervar

Katelyn Mervar, a young woman from Indiana got inspired to write J6 political prisoners early on. There is hardly any J6er in the DC Gulag who has not received mail from Katelyn. It is not like she sends a simple letter with a few words of encouragement. She is very creative, and her letters are adorned with decorated verses in patriotic colors. The envelopes are beautiful as well and when you get one you [...]

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Life After J6 Trials – Kyle Fitzsimons

Kyle Fitzsimons came from Lebanon, Maine to Washington, DC for the Save America Rally in January, 2021. He brought a costume of a butcher/trapper complete with an animal hide and prop of a bow. He removed the string of the bow to represent coming unarmed and in peace, which is later gonna be charged as a "Dangerous or Deadly Weapon" with a 20yr max. Like so many others he found himself on the Capital [...]

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The Patriot Mail Project Adds a New J6er – Guess Who It is?

As the DOJ continues to deploy the FBI for the apprehension of individuals who participated in the January 6th, 2021 rally, we were well aware that it was only a matter of time before one prominent figure would find themselves added to the Patriot Mail Project's lists. The notable felony charge, 1512(C)(2), brought against numerous defendants seemed like a preliminary test for what would eventually lead to the indictment of none other than former [...]

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Life After J6 Trails – Tristan Stevens

As many of us hoped the justice department would stop their persecution of innocent American citizens, it seems that just the opposite is taking place. The DOJ has doubled down on their efforts to interfere in the 2024 election by arresting any and all critics of the Biden Regime. One of the most recent cases brought to our attention was the case against Tristan Steven's of Pensacola, Florida. Like many other January 6th cases, [...]

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