Pray for J6ers who are in prison or jail. The PMP updated list gives us 191 people today.
Some people criticized us for including one of two Antifa j6ers on our list yesterday. However, if we are truly followers of Christ, his command to pray for our enemies is clear. Not an easy calling for sure. Today has the second Antifa J6er.
The only way to change this country is to pray for a revival and to pray for our enemies to repent and follow Christ. A changed heart is the only way.
So, we will continue with our list over the next few days and our call to prayer.
Daniel Caldwell
Steven Cappuccio
Matthew Capsel
Mick Chan
William Chrestman
Reed Christianson
Eric Christie
Cale Clayton
Josiah Colt
Landon Copeland (ANTIFA)
Mason Courson
Eric Cramer
Kevin Creek (reentry program)
Kevin Cronin II
Matthew DaSilva
Nicholas DeCarlo
Nathaniel Degrave
David Dempsey
Lucas Denney
Robert Dennis
Timothy Desjardins
Michael James Dickinson
Charles Donohoe
Michael Eckerman
Daniel Egtvedt
James Elliot
Brandon Fellows
Kyle Fitzsimons
Mitchell Gardner
Robert Gieswein
Vincent Gillespie
Vitali Gossjankowski
James Grant
Matthew Greene
Christopher Grider