About Marie Goodwyn

Marie is a French immigrant who moved to the United States in 1981 with her American husband and young family. Today, she is the proud mother of five grown children who are scattered across the country. Marie has always been involved in various projects and causes, but her involvement has taken on new meaning in recent years due to her son, Daniel Goodwyn, who is a defendant in the January 6th incident. In support of Daniel, Marie has dedicated herself to projects such as j6PatriotNews, theamericangulagchronicles Telegram channel, and The Patriot Mail Project.

Happy Birthday David Judd

David, a wonderful Christian man, was sentence 32 months in prison. His crime: having a fire cracker on the Capitol ground. It was deamed a deadly weapon by the prosecution but an ATF agent testified it is not. The government was asking for a terrorism enhancement but David's neighbor who is a veteran from the Iraq testified in his favor saying that he knows what terrorism is and J6 was not. The prosecution asked [...]

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Angel Harrelson and Julietsix

We talked to Angel Harrelson, wife of J6 defendant Kenneth Harrelson*. Like many wives she had to suffer the consequences of the DOJ's attack on J6ers - breadwinner in jail and unable to provide for his family, media lies, lawyer fees, pain of being separated from the man she loves. Yet she is strong and wants to help J6ers. She asked for prayers andΒ  added: "We the People need to speak out and speak [...]

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The Making of The American Gulag Chronicles Book

Many people have wondered about the origins ofΒ  American Gulag Chronicles: Letters from Prison and its purpose. From the outset of the idea of a book of Letters from J6 political prisoners, Tim and Marie decided never to accept compensation for their work or the time they spend promoting the book. It was to be a labor of Love and patriotism. Towards that goal, The American Gulag Chronicles Inc. was created on November 6, 2022 [...]

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Address Updates and Lists Updates with New Incarserations

We wish we did not have to do updates so often especially when new people are starting serving time. But we do not want them to be forgotten so here it is. We who are free at this time have no idea how long a day in jail is, especially when solitary confinement has become the norm for J6ers. So please, write them so they know they are not forgotten! New to our list: [...]

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NEW J6ers – Let’s Show Support

We want the jails/prisons to know that J6ers are supported and one way to do it is to flood the jails with mail. It has been over two years and the DOJ is still arresting people every week. In the mean time people are being sentenced every week to and some are starting serving sentences. We try to keep an eye on all J6 news and the Patriot Mail Project adds people to their [...]

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A Message From Jon Mellis about Jeffrey Sabol

Something weird is happening to Jeff Sabol. He was instructed to pack his things to be moved out of this pod. We are not sure if he is going to the CTF hole, going to CDF hole, or being transferred to a different facility. We suspect it has something to do with the Marshals investigating the jail for violating his due process during his gearing a couple weeks back. But we are not sure. And [...]

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