About Marie Goodwyn

Marie is a French immigrant who moved to the United States in 1981 with her American husband and young family. Today, she is the proud mother of five grown children who are scattered across the country. Marie has always been involved in various projects and causes, but her involvement has taken on new meaning in recent years due to her son, Daniel Goodwyn, who is a defendant in the January 6th incident. In support of Daniel, Marie has dedicated herself to projects such as j6PatriotNews, theamericangulagchronicles Telegram channel, and The Patriot Mail Project.

Are You Mad? The Middletons’ Trial

Tuesday was another sad day in the history of the United States of America's justice system. After being given an 86-page instruction document, the jury in Mark and Jalise Middleton's trial started their deliberations. It would be interesting to see what the instructions were - how to convict someone who has done nothing wrong and how you might want to avoid watching the video evidence in case you would want to acquit these defendants!? We [...]

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We Promised Them They Would Not Be Forgotten

We followed their trials. We mourned with them and their families as the verdicts were returned, and the sentences were given. It is time to keep our promises. "A promise is a promise no matter how small" to use a similar expression as the one found in the famous Horton the Who from Dr. Seuss. ("A person is a person no matter how small.") U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta made sure the jury would [...]

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Letters from Prison: Sean McHugh’s Horrific Story

The amount of abuse in the BOP facilities is a growing concern for all J6 families but there are other issues that are dire as well. Sean's story is horrific and really shows what inmates all over the country have to deal with. The BOP needs to be investigated for abuse and for the current state of disrepair of certain facilities as well as a lack of maintenance that resulted in extremely bad situations. [...]

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Letter from the Gulag: Dominic Box

‘The Petersburg Problem’ On November 2nd, 2023, at 0500 I left USP Atlanta and began my 12 plus hour journey to FCC Petersburg on the most uncomfortable and degrading bus ride you can imagine. I was shackled at my waist, my feet and hands with a “black box” added to further limit my already restricted movement. The tobacco chewing, vape smoking and gun toting guards from USP Lee (who openly bragged about making overtime for [...]

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Ray Epps – Why The Skepticism?

While we should rejoice that a J6er is not going to prison, the idea of equal justice under the law comes to mind. The story of Ray Epps has been in the news from the very beginning and has been looked at with suspicion from a wide variety of people. He has been defended by the fake J6 Committee and by the media. That and of itself should give us pause considering the media's [...]

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Letter From Prison – Jessica Watkins

Watkins, incarcerated for 8.5 years because of a rigged election followed by a rigged trial, is one of the best and prolific writers in the J6 community. As a veteran and former Firefighter/EMT, was a nonviolent J6 Political Prisoner that attended the Save America Rally to render aid to injured protesters or Law Enforcement. During her time on Capitol Grounds, she rendered aid to multiple injured individuals and stopped vandalism. Let us not forget [...]

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J6ers January’s Birthday List

We have 15 birthdays in January. If we forgot your loved one or yourself, please, let us know and we will update our list. In the meantime, whether incarcerated or not, we will support you. Please make sure you follow the mail guidelines for the BOP. https://j6patriotnews.com/bureau-of-prisons-mail-guidelines

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Op-Ed: The Grinch

The GRINCH who stole Freedom Like many Americans, I approach the end of 2023 reflecting on events and efforts to move forwards in a challenging year. And I bet many of you are asking similar questions when you look back Jan 1 of this year. Did America hold, advance or decline in 2023? What is happening to the security, opportunity, Liberty and Freedoms we once so proudly hailed as American birthrights? Has the GRINCH of [...]

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Op-Ed: Truth and consequences

What are the consequences to a free society when all the information they receive is redacted, edited and censored with a political and cultural bias that controls what can be offered as the truth to the public? How can any person understand their place and purpose in a world where every event beyond their immediate vision is filtered to only deliver messages and images that meet a shadowy criterion and projected image? Who crafts these [...]

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