About Marie Goodwyn

Marie is a French immigrant who moved to the United States in 1981 with her American husband and young family. Today, she is the proud mother of five grown children who are scattered across the country. Marie has always been involved in various projects and causes, but her involvement has taken on new meaning in recent years due to her son, Daniel Goodwyn, who is a defendant in the January 6th incident. In support of Daniel, Marie has dedicated herself to projects such as j6PatriotNews, theamericangulagchronicles Telegram channel, and The Patriot Mail Project.

Bureau of Prisons Mail Guidelines

In order to avoid having your mail returned from the prison mail room, follow the BOP guidelines. You may be asking? Why NO STICKERS including for return address? FCIs and USPs host a large number of actual criminals (unlike J6ers) and stickers may have been used to send drugs. Why WRITE ON ONLY ONE SIDE OF PAPER? Inmates do not actually receive your letters. Everything is scanned in black and white. We suspect that the [...]

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Joe Biggs and Zach Rehl’s Sentencings are Appalling!

We, at J6Patriotnews are appalled at the sentencings of Joe Biggs (17 years) and Zach Rehl (15 years) by Judge Kelly. They did not do anything wrong. This has to be repeated because it is the truth. The Proud Boys did nothing wrong. These are good men. Joe and Zach have little kids who will be grown when they finish their time. These kids need their fathers, and these wives need their husbands. This is [...]

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Already September! Find The Birthday List

Already September and some of us are so happy that the heat of the summer is going to subside little by little! Ouch, it was a hot one - now we have a hard time to figure out - Global Warming? Goble Freezing? They had to come up with a different narrative - Global Warming! I don't know about you, but I think the climate has always changed since the beginning and you have [...]

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Sandy Rios Interviews Stacy Hager and Daniel Goodwyn

Listen to the podcast here. Sandy Rios is a great woman and while she had a show for many years on AFR.net, she started the podcast around a year ago. AFR is still promoting her on their site. Sandy is a great patriot and has been talking about January 6th since the beginning. Thank you Sandy!

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P R A Y ! A call to prayer has been announced on many platforms and by many organizations. J6Patriotnews joins the call and asks that all Americans with a sense of justice pray for these men and their families during these three days. Pray for mercy, pray for real justice, pray for biases to be set apart!

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Barbara, God bless you! Thanks for the scriptural insights! The truth will set us free…eventually! Awake, oh sleeper! Isaiah 9:2, 60:1, Ephesians 5:14, Proverbs 1:20–33, 2 Chronicles 7:14. I wonder if Stalin was a puppet too, like Joe Biden – who clearly is not running this country. In addition to Geoff Shough and me, here we also have Roberto Minuta and Grady Owens (whose father is at the Ft. Worth medical facility). These men [...]

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Life After J6 Trial: William Watson

William Watson had the unfornate privilege to have Judge Reggis Walton for his case. Judge Walton is well-known for his egregious comments about Trump Supporters he called Nazis. It seems that this in itself should be enough to recuse himself. Some even argue that his remarks are ground for him to be disbared. The DOJ documents stipulate that William Watson, 25, of Auburn, Alabama, was found guilty of obstruction of an official proceeding and [...]

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August Birthdays – Michael Sparks

Happy birthday Michael! We hope that despite the circumstances you can still celebrate your special day with your family. Michael is facing numerous redundant charges, a strategy employed by the DOJ to induce defendants into considering a plea bargain. Each case varies, and we refrain from taking a stance in favor of or against plea deals. For several defendants, opting for a plea deal has been their sole recourse to evade lengthy separations from [...]

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August Birthdays – George Tanios

Happy birthday George. we hope that you have a wonderful day with your lovely family. Please supporters - Send him a card, a letter of encouragement. He is rebuilding his life. We wish him the best in any endeavor he has at the moment. George was sentenced to time served on 1/27/2023. 12 months supervised release, $50 special assesment, Restitution $500. 📬 George Tanios c/o Patriot Mail Project PO Box 173 King [...]

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