“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 11.7: The Federal Courthouse; Washington, DC

–The “OathKeeper 1″ Trial: The Defense Case In Chief Part 7”

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Courtroom Transcripts, Evidentiary Exhibits, Court Documents and Testimony.

When the Government realized they were squeezing blood from a stone, they ended my cross examination. I had told them the truth since day 1; during all 5 of my debriefings, during my testimony with Attorney Crisp, and during my cross examination. I had done precisely what I told the FBI that I would do, back when I was first picked up by the FBI from the Urbana Police Department. None of that mattered. The Federal Government proved over the span of these years behind bars that they have no honor, no respect for truth or Justice, no sense of Americanism, the Constitution, or our way of life. The Government will FRAME innocent taxpaying citizens for crimes they did not commit, in order to further a political agenda; to threaten to imprison the innocent for LIFE, to keep Democrats (Communists) in power. I have ALWAYS Backed-the-Blue. I did so, not as a slogan but as a mission statement and at great risk to myself in Columbus, Cleveland, Louisville, Pickerington, and even there… in the Deep Blue Swamp of Washington, DC. I am in no way an anti-government extremist. I am the precise OPPOSITE. I have always been a PRO-government extremist. Well… I was. Now… I see the Feds as a cancer, and who can blame me?


In the time since I’ve been arrested, I’ve seen how the Feds behave. They’ve spied on Catholic Churches, arrested pro-life protesters for crimes they didn’t commit, arrested journalists (plural), raided attorneys (plural) to seize attorney/client privileged material, spied on Presidential campaigns, rigged elections in collusion with Social Media companies, broken into the Offices of Congressmen or seized their cell phones, bankrupted our Economy, committed perjury during broadcast Hearings, thrown our Southern Border wide-open, raided President Trump’s home with the FBI (over papers they told him that he could keep), ignored the crimes of ACTUAL terrorists that harassed Supreme Court Justices homes or burned down churches and threw objects and explosives at the Police, called parents terrorists for protecting their children, spied on Americans illegally using the FISA courts, and raided grandmothers with SWAT teams for waving the American Flag at the very Capitol where their President invited them. Don’t even get me started on our International policy. Now I can see clearly as day; the Feds are a problem, and that became exceptionally apparent to me after my testimony. Not because I hate the government, but because my faith has been irreparably shaken in the INSTITUTIONS of government. I used to argue with my husband, @MontanaSiniff, about how I deem that “paying taxes is a patriotic duty”. But after being having my credibility questioned and my character assassinated, for not paying taxes while I was in JAIL… well, Now I will donate to charities, anything to write off my taxes. Anything to avoid paying them another red cent, and I implore you to do the same. I digress, but this gets me very angry. I’ve served my country, not just in Afghanistan as a Ranger, but in my Community as a Firefighter/EMT, and in the streets during the Riots of 2020. I have skin in the America game, and I feel like my whole life, I’ve been duped. I’ve seen the man behind the curtain, and he’s ugly.

During Recross, the other Defense attorneys wanted to ask me questions. I remember Brad Guyer asking me some questions, but I don’t remember what precisely. I barely saw Kenny Harrelson on January 6th, I just remember he left us early to escort some of our VIP’s. During the Cross Examination, the Government asked me if I saw him in a hotel room. During my debriefing, i told them that I might have? I didn’t even know Kenny’s name at the time. I called him the “Selfie Guy” for taking a picture. But, I was pretty drunk at the time. I had 2 Tallboys of Budweiser, and like a quarter bottle of Jim Beam. So maybe I remembered seeing a guy that I’d never met before? Maybe not? Not that it mattered. As I told the Government in my debriefing; I had seen no weapons in the hotel room. So who cares if Kenny was sitting there watching TV and drinking a beer? To this day, I am not sure why that’s relevant. After Brad Guyer asked a few questions, Stanley Woodward asked about when Kelly Meggs said “We took the Castle, we need to hold it”. He wanted to know what Kelly’s demeanor and attitude were like. I told him the same thing I told the Government, that I wanted to leave the Capitol because there was a curfew, and Kelly Meggs said “Well, we can come back tomorrow. We can protest every day if we have to”. Mr. Woodward said “…protest, correct?” … “Yessir, he said protest”. Like I had even told the FBI, I don’t even think he was talking about the Oathkeepers being there to “protest”. I think he was talking about AMERICA. The protest writ large. I told the FBI and Prosecutors this at length during my debriefing, that when we say “WE” we mean “We The People” not just our little group. A lot of times “WE” was used against us, to mean the OathKeepers and not the massive crowd of people. It was a dirty trick the Government did often. I think that all the Defense Attorneys had questions to ask. “No I never saw Stewart Rhodes at all on January 6th. I never heard his name, and I didn’t know he was ever there”. Or “No, Mr. Caldwell did not do anything, other than help me find parking and a hotel”. I don’t remember my testimony well, after the Government finished. I was completely drained, and it was all a blur. I was just ready for it to be over.

Then Attorney Crisp returned to ask me a few more questions. I don’t remember recross hardly at all, but I did discuss my taxes. He showed the Tax Code, and asked how much I made per month. During COVID, my bar was shut down and put under curfew. I didn’t make s***. Me saying “I made $500 per month” was generous. Probably less than that. I remember being forced to rationing my cigarettes. I am sorry, I wish I could remember more about my Recross testimony. I will review my transcripts when I get out of prison, and I will probably remember. All I can remember is how exhausted I was. When the testimony ended, and I was finally allowed to return to my table it was like being in a haze. It cannot be articulated into words. When Attorney Crisp said “We Rest our Case, Your Honor”, I felt like so much had still gone unsaid. I wish there was more time; that more lies could be exposed. But at the same time. I was ready for it all to end. The next Case in Chief was for Brad Guyer, representing Kenny Harrelson. He stood, and said “We Rest our Case, Your Honor”. Brad wasn’t even putting up a fight. That surprised me utterly. I don’t know how Kenny felt about it, but to me it seemed like a missed opportunity. I get it, the Jury was probably tired of hearing about the OathKeepers and January 6th. I mean, I was… so I know they were. Next up came the Case in Chief for Kelly Meggs. Once again, we would prove that the Government had committed serious acts of perjury.