Today, we received the following message from Jeremy.

Even if they find me guilty on all charges, they have been severely exposed and will be easily overturned on appeal. Their best option would be to steal my thunder by dismissing all charges, but pride won’t allow them and we know, “PRIDE comes before the FALL”. Taking my case to trial put their crimes and vindictive nature of this situation on the record, so I’m happy, no matter what the outcome. Now, we just wait to see how good the victory will be
🙂 — jeremy

Please, pray for Jeremy and support the man who put his life on the line while in the service and who continues to do so, fighting against a corrupt government!

photos: Jeremy and fiancée Tylene

📬 Jeremy Brown
Pinellas Co Jail
14400 49th St North
Clearwater, Fl 33762

Incarcerated since 9/30/2021 or 436 days.