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We have been wondering why a string of abuses against the political prisoners has been unpunished and the guards feel undeterred. An earlier court decision may be the reason!

As mentioned in the linked article, pepper spraying an inmate “for no good reason” is shielded from lawsuits. Could it be why the guards in the DC gulag use pepper spray as a weapon to “subdue” inmates whether it is warranted or not?

We remember last week’s incident left several inmates in respiratory distress and family members outraged and scared for their loved ones. One of the political prisoners, Daniel Caldwell, is still experiencing horrible headaches and remains traumatized by the experience.

Updates on Veterans Day incident direct from the Gulag: JEFF MCKELLOP texts on Nov 12

Hold onto your hat! Three days ago. every one was out of the cells watching TV. There was a change of guard. Mr. Lee went to lunch. Two female guards came in. Immediately started yelling about mask mandates! Got into a spitting contest about natural immunity, and the mask only protects 12% of germs from entry. That was too much knowledge to handle! They started screaming at the top of their lungs for us to get back into our cells. OK, we deal with 3rd grade mentality here. as I was about to close my door, they got into it with another cell mate. About 1st amendment rights. way too much! a foot chase in sued. they ran by me with mace cans out ! the largest one couldn’t make it up the steps and started spraying. missing Mock, and trailing behind him. Spraying all the cells, where every one was locked in. coating every one on the upper deck. Mock ran down the upper stoop where the other guard stood. she tried to spray him. no joy. passed her and down the steps! Passed the other guard who sprayed again. into all lower cells and into the air intake for the AC. Right!? he kept running back up the steps again, yelling don’t shoot! LOL! I had a wet sheet around my face! as he passed the upper deck guard, she lashed out with another dose of orange cloud! finishing off any free air. down the steps again! ERT came in with eight men! gas mask on mace in hand! and the spray continued! no shit! I was on the floor of my cell. Dan next too me, was losing it! passed out!

Lonnie the old guy 72! was passed out on his cell floor! the guards didn’t have the keys to the cells until Mr. Lee came back! 30min! people were freaking out! we had a ton of medical people in here! on and on! Dan has been having Vertigo spells sense. I can’t wait to leave this place!!!! How’s your day going?

Updates on Veterans Day incident direct from the Gulag: JAMES MCGREW texts on Nov 12

So yesterday around 11am a officer came to the zone to do laundry pick up so she opened a few guys doors so they could bring there laundry out well one of the guys came out literally just to drop his laundry off without a mask and while doing this a Lt walked in Lt Moore was her name she immediately started yelling and screaming causing the situation to escalate well the Jan 6 er (mock) walked away from her towards his room went up the stairs and was by his door the Lt continued to antagonize him and berate him all the way up the stairs and he stood next to the railing with his hands up in the air and told her he wasn’t putting it on by this time all her yelling has caused him to resist the tyranny while his hands were in the air and before any more officers showed up another officer handed her mace and she sprayed him he walked away from her with his hands up demanded everyone close the doors on our cells well in the process of spraying him she sprayed every thing around him including the air vents which are all connected pumping all the mace into our rooms weather this was on purpose or just her misuse of force I don’t know so we yelled and screamed we were having trouble breathing for an hour and the never got medical help until close to 1 hour and 15 minutes later by this time several guys would be complaining of respiratory issues one guy (dan) he left out on a stretcher after laying on the floor for over an hour before medical arrived and myself and 4 other guys would be…denied medical treatment for another hour allowing for 2 hours to elapse before they would bring us to medical to get checked out… so that was that ohhh and while down in medical the officer Lt Moore was down there and she was having a conversation with officer Sgt franklin at the medical desk who as soon as her sat down removed his mask and never put it back on not once did she say anything to this officer another detainee my cellmate asked her about why she don’t spray him and she just yelled and said something stupid like she might and all this was right in front of two cameras in medical just shows you the hypocrisy.