FCI Hazelton has several J6er women in their facility. Among other more grievous things, they are denied visits from their loved one.
  • Shelly Stalling has breast cancer, and she is denied the medicine she needs.  She wrote: “I self-surrendered 6/6/2023.On 3/19/2021 I have diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I refuse to let that define who I am. I had lumpectomy done in June 2021. In August October I did 26 radiation treatments and 3 boosters. I was told I have to be treated till 50 years of age. On 6/5/2024 I will be 45. Since I’ve been here I have not been treated. Two weeks ago they sent me for a mammogram. “
  • Cynthia’s husband who has cancer has still not been able to visit her. We are working on it but it could take the 60 more days she has to solve the problem. We are still trying, and her attorney has filled all the paperwork that needs to be files.
  • Rachel Powell. Her significant other drove many hours to see her to be denied with no explanation.
  • Riley Williams has been denied Corrlinks the app that allows people to communicate with their loved ones.
Besides these things, there are constant lockdowns because of supposedly lack of personnel. Why don’t they hire more people. Oh wait, because of the terrible conditions at these facilities, no one wants to work there.  Prison reform is a must, and we will fight for it.
Please pray for the women at Hazelton and specifically for the J6er women.
Rachel Powel
Cynthia Ballenger
Shelly Stallings
Riley Williams