As the DOJ continues to deploy the FBI for the apprehension of individuals who participated in the January 6th, 2021 rally, we were well aware that it was only a matter of time before one prominent figure would find themselves added to the Patriot Mail Project’s lists. The notable felony charge, 1512(C)(2), brought against numerous defendants seemed like a preliminary test for what would eventually lead to the indictment of none other than former President Donald J. Trump.

The Patriot Mail Project‘s volunteer force is meticulously adding J6ers as they are known, to facilitate their receipt of vital assistance, ranging from letters of support and commissary funds to familial necessities and legal aid. Although President Trump is undoubtedly well-equipped to navigate his current legal battles without financial aid, he would undoubtedly appreciate the uplifting correspondence from his supporters. It would be good for these supporters to highlight the role of the Patriot Mail Project, a nonprofit organization that has encouraged people to not forget the fate of J6ers. This organization, also referred to as PMP, remains steadfast in its commitment to those who innocently participated in a rally to voice their concerns as granted by the Constitution, only to later face baseless charges and unexpected arrests. An increasing body of evidence suggests that the rally may have been orchestrated to disrupt the constitutional process. Amidst ongoing arrests, the dedicated volunteers of the Patriot Mail Project invest countless hours in locating and assisting these individuals, underscoring their dedication and rightful support.

Regrettably, a significant portion of the American populace remains unaware that the government has branded J6ers as domestic terrorists, exploiting this classification to sidestep legal safeguards. Ordinary American families have been subjected to dawn raids by sometimes unprofessional FBI agents who often disregard requests for warrants. In some cases, families have endured flash bangs, while children and spouses have found themselves confronted with laser sights on their chests. Properties have been subjected to intrusive searches lasting hours, all in the quest for elusive “evidence.”

The parallels between the treatment of President Trump and that of these families are undeniable. Both have experienced FBI raids on their homes, and both face trials in the same Washington, DC jurisdiction, presided over by judges who have handed down severe sentences to J6 participants. It is unlikely that a change of venue will occur, considering Judge Tanya Chutkan’s obvious bias as she is the one who will decide if she will grant it or not. It is also to be noted that she is an Obama appointee and notably worked at the same law firm as Hunter Biden. The DC jury pool is expected to be skewed with individuals harboring anti-Trump sentiments, almost certainly resulting in a sweeping guilty verdict on all charges. This scenario epitomizes the most blatant interference in an election witnessed in our nation’s history.

Regrettably, this is no longer the America we once knew. We now find ourselves in a lawless America, where the government exhibits no hesitation in imprisoning political opponentsā€”a telling sign of a dangerous slippery slope.

Donald J Trump

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šŸŽ‚ 6/14 šŸŽ‚
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Free on recognizance
(charged on 8/1/2023)

Tanya Sue Chutkan

(District of Columbia)

Appointed By: Barack Hussein Obama II
Selected By: President Obama
Confirmation Date: June 4, 2014
AttendedĀ George Washington University
Bachelor’s (e.g. B.A.) in 1983
Qualified (2014)