I got this email from Rachel Powell. She gives us a look into Federal Prisons J6ers have to spend months or years of unjust incarceration.

Rachel Powell
SFF Hazelton Correctional
PO BOX 3000
Bruceton Mills, WV 26525

There are three other J6 women in here. We are all in separate units. Kirsten, who has a podcast, Shelly Stallings who is amazing, Riley who is the Nancy Pelosi laptop girl.

Yes, you can pray for us and keep track of me in here. This is a rogue facility. There are women who have been down for years and been in a ton of facilities… this one is not like the others. Do an internet search on it. It is not just that we have men with functioning penis’ in here. It is so much more. They are not following policy here.

I have lost 14 pounds since I have been here which is less than two months and even though I have been explaining to officer’s how I need to eat my food there is one in particular who screamed at me and humiliated me in front of everyone in the chow hall. I am thankful for the officer’s who are nice and understanding.

When I first arrived the woman officer in orientation said “Do not have your family come visit here.” We had a little disagreement because I said my family would come to visit and they would not be ok with sitting in a plastic chair, no tables, no games, no vending machines or food, and even little toddlers having to stay in a chair, children’s room closed, suits so thin our bras and panties showed through because they were dressing them in SHU outfits to have a visit. She did not think we would ever change it. Well, now there are tables in there and games. Last Friday my very pregnant daughter came to visit with other family and her young toddler son. Not only did they NOT feed me, an inmate, but they did NOT feed her either. I have written up the food/visitation situation in here just to be called into the Lieutenant’s office and be threatened with “If you are so concerned about food how about I take away visitation? I have the power to do that.” I don’t do anything wrong- I do everything per policy. As far as I am concerned I will not stop until my children can have food when they visit. Other women in here are to scared to speak up for fear of retaliation and some have not seen family in here for years simply because visitation is so terrible.

They are running this place like a medium/high, not a low. The list is long. They are also still doing a lot like they did during Covid even though the government emergency has been over for a year now.

I love the law library. Recently, after making them update the Complex Supplement, we discovered that we can have pillows and things we made to keep and use. Afghans etc. They don’t let us keep anything right now. We also don’t get SPO arts and crafts. The officer I spoke to about it at first said “We never have had that on this mountain and never will.” Then we found policy and went to him. He was nice to my face, said he would implement it, and now some officers are trying to get that rescinded out of the Complex Supplement. There are no art classes other than crocheting being taught right now. Only two FSA classes, and you would think they would want us to be able to be busy with crafts rather than sitting around but no. This place is the worst. And now they are trying to say we can only have five books. And a lieutenant was uneducated and tried to tell me that I cannot speak to media… ummm, no, yes we can. I have read policy and the handbook. I will stop complaining now. I could go ON AND ON. I think I was brought here to help change things and help women in here. I think this is a Divine appointment to expel darkness.

On a positive note I am in one of the two FSA classes, Horticulture. So I will be here close to home for the year assuming the Supreme Court doesn’t throw out my major felony, the 1512, resentence me, and send me home. Also, the chaplain is fantastic and truly cares. I love to read and am taking books off my list. God is working in me and growing me. I am only three hours from home and am blessed to have my family supporting me. They love me so much. Even in the valley I am blessed and protected. God is good, all the time. I have become good friends with a woman in here who is a lawyer and has been down for a long time and is a believer. Between her and a few other J6ers I can see how I have been protected and led even in here. I will be home before I know it and need to start giving thanks for that.

I hope your family is well.

Keep fighting the good fight and send an update on what is going on in the outside J6 world.

Rachel Powell
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I really did not expect to receive a message from you. How are you doing? Is there anything I can do for you?

Did you ever receive my snail mail?

Is there any other J6er with you?

Looking forward to hearing from you.