Ken Harrelson’s Attorney’s OathKeepers Summation

May it please The Court . . .  

Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury . . .

Once again, my name is Bradford Geyer. I’m honored to stand before you today to declare Kenny Harrelson’s innocence of these charges brought against him. 

I first became attracted to Kenny’s case because of one primary thing:

The charges against him, and the very first video evidence of those charges – as presented by the Government – were in direct contradiction to one another. When I saw this contradiction of truth and reality, my first question was:

“Am I looking at simple carelessness on behalf of the government, or is this an indifference to the truth?” 

That was 14 months ago . . . and here I now proudly stand before you with the truth in hand. 

Not my truth . . . Not Kenny’s truth . . . But the actual truth as presented in this trial, by the GOVERNMENT ITSELF.

I mean . . . think about it . . . 

Charging these defendants with damage and destruction to doors that were first opened before they ever arrived – then opened again with 75-100 people passing through before they ever reached those doors . . . 

Doors that were being broken – and panes shattered – BEFORE these defendants arrived . . . 

Doors opened from the INSIDE . . . doors no Oath Keeper ever touched, or pulled upon, or pushed open.

These are facts, contained in irrefutable video evidence . . . as presented by the Government . . . and it’s these SMALLER fallacies – accusations of crimes not even committed – that makes everything else they’ve presented to be fair game and called into question.

And, there’s more . . . a LOT more.


Kenny’s January 6th story didn’t begin at that gun training range in Florida. You saw that video – at least three or four times – of Kenny and other of the Oath Keeper’s taking instruction – back in September of 2020 – two months before the election, and four months before the January 6th rally was even announced.

We even saw the presentation of the receipt for payment from that training facility. Why a receipt? Because it was a legal transaction at a licensed, legal gun range. 

Assistant US Attorney Kathryn Rakoczy – in her closing statement on Friday – tried to insinuate a much more ominous specter . . . and I quote:

“Defendant Harrelson [WAS] firing those rifles at targets with pictures of HUMANS drawn on them.”

First of all, Kenny wasn’t trained on a Florida gun range. He was trained by the United States Army – firing at targets with silhouetted caricatures of humans – just like at every gun range in America. 

There was nothing unusual, or anything close to an insinuation of a desire to kill people. No more so than that of the MILLIONS of Americans who go to licensed gun ranges, EVERYDAY, and practice on those same type of silhouettes.

We’ve even heard testimony – in this trial – from FBI Special Agents who also practice weapons training. Wanna guess what they fire at? 

CORRECT . . . Silhouette caricatures of human beings.

Ms. Rakoczy’s was just another absurd insinuation of crimes not committed and crimes not intended . . . by what they were doing that September day in Florida.


Kenny’s January 6 story didn’t begin with the Million MAGA March in November of 2020. Why? Because he didn’t come to DC for that march. In fact, in those dozens or hundreds of message slides talking about the Million MAGA March, there’s one name you never . . . not ONE TIME saw come up on those slides . . . 

Kenny Harrelson.

Kenny’s January 6 story didn’t begin with the Jericho March. Why? Because he didn’t come to DC in December of 2020 for that march. In fact . . . in those dozens, or hundreds of slides presented by the government in the planning for the Jericho March, there’s one name you never ONCE saw come up on those slides . . . 

Kenny Harrelson.

In Ms. Rakoczy’s argument on Friday, she put forth the most egregious mischaracterization of the facts. She said, and I quote:

“We do not have some of the same messages for Defendant Harrelson . . . because, as you heard, Defendant Harrelson deleted almost all of the Signal content on his phone prior to March of 2021.”

Ladies and gentleman of the jury – we sat through WEEKS of expert testimony by the government’s own witnesses about how they were able to pull all those messages off OTHER of the alleged co-conspirator’s phone apps. As such . . . we SAW the complete content of those Signal chats. 

Well . . . I mean . . . we saw those messages the Government didn’t conveniently skip over. You know . . . those reams of messages dealing with the actual planning of their security details the Government continually failed to acknowledge, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence about those personal security details.

But yes . . . we saw what they wanted us to see. We heard that they wanted us to hear. The government had all those Signal chats. 

Kenny’s own braggadocios, “scary words” weren’t missing because he deleted them. They weren’t there because he DIDN’T SAY THEM. Had he said them . . . they would have been extracted from other’s phones and put on these screens during the government’s almost five weeks of evidence presented.



The government stooped even lower on Friday, in an effort to insinuate Kenny into a non-existent conspiracy. 

Ms. Rakoczy brought up the testimony of Abdullah Rasheed – the felony convicted child molester – and his tape recording of a November 9th GoToMeeting call . . . NOT discussing January 6th . . . that hadn’t yet been announced . . . but discussing the upcoming Million MAGA March on November 14th.

Ms. Rakoczy said that this was . . . and I quote:

“. . . the first very concrete moment where you saw evidence that others were joining in and agreeing to these proposals of Mr. Rhodes.”

“AGREEING” to these proposals? How does she know that . . . because THEN she asked:

“What did Defendant Kenneth Harrelson THINK of that call that he was on? We know that he was on the call because you’ve seen the GoToMeeting records.” 

Close quote. 

Notice, we only know he was on that call with 60 or 80 other people because of the call records . . . NOT because Kenny said anything. 

“What did Defendant Kenneth Harrelson THINK of that call?”

She didn’t answer the question . . . because she doesn’t have one. 

Because, as is the case on every chat and call the government has presented, Kenny didn’t contribute. 

But . . . what DID Kenny THINK? 

No longer is the entirety of the government’s case just about SCARY WORDS, but you’re now being asked to convict based upon what he might be THINKING. 

Ahhh . . . there it is . . . the IMPLICIT conspiracy the Government switched gears into after EVERTY SINGLE ONE of their own witnesses told us they never saw a single message calling for these defendants to enter Capitol, attack police officers, or stop the certification of the 2020 election results.

Also . . . according to Ms. Rakoczy . . . Abdullah Rasheed said he was “TERRIFIED” on that call. 

I’ll tell you what’s TERRIFYING . . . 

That the government has to stoop so low as to bring in a man who has used SIX different legal names since 2009 . . . not counting the 30 to 40 others he told us he uses online . . . 

Who LIED on his Oath Keepers’ application about his felony conviction . . . and who was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a minor. 

THAT’s what’s terrifying . . . that they are putting THAT up against an honorably discharged disabled veteran. 


Kenny’s January 6 story didn’t begin with either of the Open Letters from Stewart Rhodes to President Trump, begging him to invoke the Insurrection Act. He didn’t see them. Even if he did, Kenny wouldn’t know what an Insurrection Act was if it bit him the butt!

Funny thing is . . . we’ve got a room full of lawyers here . . . and we ALL had to go look up the damn Insurrection Act – for ourselves – when we heard it was going to be a central part of Mr. Rhodes’ defense. 

Turns out . . . it’s a thing. Who knew?

I’m not saying Mr. Rhodes’ interpretation of that law is right or wrong. I don’t know. That’s not my field of expertise, but I can tell you Kenny, a hardworking, blue-collar, disabled veteran, had no concept of what he may or may not have heard from a Yale Law School graduate.


Here’s the thing that struck me the hardest during those early weeks of the government’s witnesses, exhibits, and message slides . . . you know . . . with all the inflammatory, bravado, revolutionary war-sounding, scary language:

Kenny Harrelson’s name. Not a peep. Not because he deleted them . . . but because he didn’t participate in those conversations about either of those 2020 marches here in DC.

Then, as we learned from the government’s own witnesses, Kenny . . . or, by his Signal handle, “Gator 6” . . . wasn’t even added to the DC OP Chat until the evening of January 3rd.

Then the government goes all hyperbolic, once again. Ms. Rakoczy stated, on Friday:

“Just underneath the operations leader, Michael Greene, was Kelly Meggs, one of the leaders of those on the ground that day . . . 

“You know, in turn, that Mr. Meggs tapped defendant Kenneth Harrelson, Gator 6, to be the GROUND TEAM LEADER for the operation for January 6th.”

GROUND TEAM LEADER? . . . for what?

As my colleague, Mr Woodward rightfully pointed out in his argument for Mr. Meggs’ innocence, the Government totally skipped over a voluminous number of messages and chat conversations – purposefully obscuring the planning about the PERSONAL SECURITY DETAILS to be performed by these defendants on January 5th and 6th.

Yes . . . Kenny was appointed “Ground Team Leader” . . . but not for the purpose of interfering with the certification of an election, or for assaulting the Capitol . . . but for the security and safety of VIP speakers he was escorting from The Ellipse to their legally PERMITTED stage on the Capitol grounds.

An event and a stage – which you recall seeing the actual permit – signed by the Capitol Police, itself.

Why was Kenny not appointed Ground Team Lead before January 3rd?

Because he had no intention of coming to DC for the January 6th event. It wasn’t until he received a call from Mr. Kelly Meggs, on the evening of the 3rd, telling Kenny that they needed him for a personal security detail, that he even considered going. 

Even then, Kenny told Mr. Meggs he couldn’t afford the trip, but after he was assured his expenses would be covered, he agreed to go . . . and was then added to the DC OP Chat on the evening of the 3rd.

I’m sure you remember . . . time and time again . . . after the testimony of each of the government’s witnesses – particularly that of the FBI Special Agents – I’d walk up to this lectern and ask them:

Was Mr. Harrelson in that chat group? Answer? Not that I’m aware of. 

Was Mr. Harrelson on that conference call? Not to my knowledge. 

Why? As I told you in my opening statement several weeks ago . . . politics is just not his thing.

You also remember me asking all the Special Agents if they were aware that Kenny hasn’t had a Twitter or Facebook account . . . really no social media since 2014? Remember?

I heard people snickering at me when I did this . . . but some of those agents said they WERE aware of that fact, and some said they WEREN’T aware . . . but I was making a point. 

That POINT BEING . . . While most of the rest of the country were duking it out for their political teams in the Twitter cesspool, or posting political memes on the Facebook pages in the heated elections of 2016 and 2020 . . . Kenny was purposefully content to be unplugged from all of that. 

It’s just not his thing.


There’s another thing you probably noticed . . . in the final days of presentation of the various defendants’ cases. Did you notice that I didn’t call a single witness on Kenny’s behalf?

Why? Because the government ALREADY did that, FOR Kenny, THEMSELVES.

Let me explain . . . 

Let’s go back to the beginning of Kenny’s January 6th story, which began with that phone call asking him to help with personal security details on the evening of the 5th and all day on the 6th.

The government presented two of their own witnesses – both of whom were in the same car with Kenny – from the morning of the 4th . . . from Florida to North Carolina, where they spent the night that first evening . . . then the rest of the way here to DC on the 5th . . . all day on 6th . . . then the long, straight shot back to Florida on the 7th.

Those two government witnesses were Terry Cummings and Jason Dolan. The three men – including Kenny –  spent four days in intimate proximity to one another, in the same vehicle, traveling hundreds of miles together. 

If there’s going to be a conspiracy hatched, to commit a crime together . . . they had plenty of hours to discuss and work out the plan.

NOW . . . I have to tell you . . . as a defense attorney, the first thing I say to my client, is that they have to tell me everything. EVERYTHING! . . . The good, the bad, and the ugly. 

When I learned the Government was bringing in the TWO GUYS who had spent the most time with my client . . . I simply braced for the worst. 

Especially since at least one of them had made a plea deal with the Government, with the stated hopes that his testimony FOR the Government’s case would hopefully work to his advantage in getting a lighter sentence.

On the 6th day of this trial, Mr. Cummings was called to the witness stand. When it was my time to cross examine him, I simply asked:

“During the entire trip – from January 4th thru 7th – was there ever any conversation with Mr. Dolan and Kenny of insurrection?” . . . No. 

“Attacking the Capitol?” . . . No. 

“Attacking police?” . . . No. 

“Attacking elected representatives?” . . . No.

Well . . . as you can see . . . that’s one witness I didn’t need to call. The government took care of that for me. According to their OWN witness . . . there was no conspiracy discussed.

Then, on day 10 of the trial, the government called Jason Dolan to the stand. Mr. Dolan, surprisingly, spent a good bit of time confirming for the Court – both under direct and cross examination – that their sole mission on the 5th and 6th of January was personal security details for VIP speakers. 

That’s it. No more, no less.

The next day, I was cross examining Dolan, and asked him a few times if he and Kenny were thinking about attacking the Capitol or police officers. He said they were only looking for where the stage was suppose to be, and doing no plotting against the Capitol. 

When they arrived at the Capitol lawn area, Dolan said they were just standing around and chatting.

Kenny spent four full days with the government’s OWN cooperative witness. One who was hoping his testimony would help him when his own sentencing date came. He never implicated Kenny in any planning of a conspiracy against the government, the Capitol, or to stop the certification of the election.

The most telling moment of all – between Dolan and Kenny – was the video presentation after they realized hundreds of people were surging toward the Capitol’s east steps, and we could hear Kenny say:

“They’re storming the fucking Capitol building. Whooptie-fucking do.”

Then Dolan said . . . “We should go up there.” 

And Kenny responded . . . “Huh?” 

No plan. No conspiracy. Just two guys whose “mission directive” was shot to hell when hundreds of OTHER people started breaching barricades and running toward the Capitols east side steps.

With the government’s own witnesses saying there was no conspiracy between themselves and Kenny . . . why did I need to call any witnesses? I couldn’t possibly top the ones they themselves brought into the courtroom, on Kenny’s behalf.


Fact is . . . Kenny wasn’t the “leader” of anything on the 6th.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was there, on the ground – and no message was ever produced – by investigators – of Rhodes ordering anyone into the Capitol Building.

Michael Greene – WHIP – was also there, having been hired to take over the operational planning for the day, when Mr. Siekerman got COVID. No special agent ever produced a single message from WHIP telling anyone to “Storm the Capitol” or “Stop the certification.”

Kelly Meggs was the Florida Chapter leader. Mr. Meggs never sent a single message telling any of his Florida team to “Assault police officers” or “Kidnap Congress members.”

Kenny wasn’t given any assignment other than personal security details. Not a single agent or other Government witness ever produced or confirmed a single specific message or directive – from any Oath Keeper leader – that Kenny was to LEAD a mission to go inside the Capitol, assault law enforcement officers, or stop the certification of the election.

The Government can SAY IT all they wish . . . but the Government’s own witnesses have not once backed them up. Review the transcripts of the witness testimonies, for yourselves. 

Agent Harris – who you remember testifying on at least three different occasions – also showed us that Kenny was listed as the “organizer” of several GoToMeeting calls after November 3rd. 

That just means he INITIATED the conference call . . . but as already pointed out, he never LED any of those discussions and we never heard his voice or saw any transcripts where he even spoke, at all. He didn’t LEAD anything. And none of those calls had anything to do with January 6th, anyway.


Speaking of “LEADING,” here’s the most perplexing thing about the government’s stated case against Kenny and the other defendants in this courtroom. 

On the very first day of this trial, in the government’s opening argument, Mr Nestler said . . . and I quote:

“On January 6th of 2021 at around 2:35 p.m., the crowd on the east side steps of the United States Capitol parted as a group of 14 people, dressed similarly in military style combat gear, moving similarly in military style formation with their hands on the person in front, marched up the stairs towards the doors of the Capitol . . . As they approached, the crowd cheered for them, yelling, “Oath Keepers, Oath Keepers.” They were the LEADERS.”

LEADERS? Leaders of what? For seven weeks I’ve been sitting in that back corner waiting for the government to specifically state what these guys LED. 

Captain Ronald Ortega of the US Capitol Police testified for the Government – all the way back on October 18th – that when he arrived at the Capitol in the early morning hours, he witnessed crowds already gathering on the Capitol’s outer perimeter. 

This, when the Oath Keeper’s were beginning their day, gathering at The Ellipse. How does this in any possible way make them “The Leaders” . . . UNLESS . . . the Government is arguing a connection between the Oath Keepers and those who were gathering in the early morning at the Capitol’s barricades?

We all know the Government presented NO SUC connection.


Through Captain Ortega’s testimony, the government introduced video of the very first violent barricade breach on the Capitol’s west side barricades – which happened at exactly 12:42 p.m. – where a mob of violent agitators stormed through those barricades, seriously injuring the first Capitol Police Officer – Caroline Edwards – pushing her over and backwards, where she hit her head on a concrete step, temporarily knocking her unconscious.


The Oath Keepers certainly didn’t lead THAT attack. In fact, Kenny and the group of VIPs he was to escort to the legally permitted stage on the Capitol grounds, hadn’t yet even left The Ellipse area when that assault took place

On my cross examination of Captain Ortega, I asked:

Q. And isn’t it true that there were people who showed up, actually, early in the morning, hours before President Trump spoke at the Ellipse?

A. There were.

Q. Showed up with bullhorns, pamphleteering, and — and waiting for the — the subsequent events of the day; is that right?

A. There was a crowd with — with bullhorns, and they were waiting early in the day.

Interestingly . . . if the Oath Keepers were the so-called LEADERS of that assault on the Capitol, don’t you think it would have been prudent for the government to have shown us the connection the Oath Keepers had to those who actually LED that first breach of the Capitol’s restricted and barricaded area . . . 

Almost TWO FULL HOURS – according to the government’s own video evidence – before the first Oath Keepers entered the building on the east side?

I mean . . . it’s not that the government FAILED to show us a conspiratorial connection to those who LED the first breach . . . in seven weeks of this trial, they never even made an attempt to connect Kenny or the other defendants to those first violent perpetrators who actually WERE the LEADERS of the assault on the Capitol.

Then, Captain Ortega told us he was receiving reports of his officers being assaulted on the west terrace by as early as 1 p.m. That location was where a full-scale battle line between rioters and police took place from 1:00 p.m. until shortly after 2:00 p.m. 

Some of the most violent attacks on both Capitol Police and Metro Police took place right there during that time . . . but not a single Oath Keeper had yet arrived on the Capitol grounds when that melee broke out. 

Kenny and the VIPs he was escorting were only about then leaving The Ellipse, when that battle started raging.

The Government was also allowed – through Captain Ortega – to present highly prejudicial video, not only of the first barricade breach at 12:42 p.m., but also of the battle line on the west terrace. This, despite the fact that at neither event was there a single Oath Keeper or Kenny Harrelson present.

Through Captain Ortega’s testimony the government also showed us interior CCTV video footage of that first breach of the Capitol itself. It was on the west side, at the Senate Wing Doors. We saw a 2×4 crashing through the window. Then, several men jumping through and opening the door from the inside. This was at 2:12 p.m. 

Through that door – over the next several minutes – hundreds of people began pouring in . . . spreading throughout the interior of the Capitol Building. None of these were Oath Keepers. None of those were these defendants or their named Oath Keeper co-conspirators. And none of those who were the FIRST PEOPLE to illegally, violently . . . while doing damage to the property itself . . . been shown to have ANY connection or conspiracy with Kenny Harrelson or his co-defendants here today.

Over the next 25 minutes, somewhere in the vicinity of a thousand people surged into the building. 

Not an Oath Keeper among them. 

Then, several of those very same individuals who LED the breach on the west side of the Capitol subsequently led about a hundred others, as they pushed against those east doors . . . FROM THE INSIDE . . . opening them to those who were gathered on those east Capitol steps.

Captain Ortega told us this officers were “Severely outnumbered” . . . but no Oath Keepers were in those numbers at 12:42, 1:00, or 2:12 . . . and yet, you’re supposed to believe they were the “LEADERS?”

Are you beginning to see the nonsensical embellishment of the Government’s rhetoric? While trying to convince you to convict these five defendants for nothing more than “scary” words . . . the Government itself uses “false” words. They showed you videos of violence and breaches of barricades, windows and doors . . . where no Oath Keeper was present . . . and most certainly not Ken Harrelson.

And, when it comes to this nonsense about Seditious Conspiracy . . .  the government never even so much as attempted to tie Kenny and these other four defendants to those who were ACTUALLY leading the assault on the Capitol.

I stand here before you and tell you something you each already know . . . 

False words and false insinuations are far more frightening than are “scary words.”



On the first day of this trial, the government dramatically set the stage in their opening statement, telling me . . . telling you . . . they told this honored Court . . . that at “2:35 p.m.” on January 6th, 2021, “the crowd on the east side steps of the United States Capitol parted” for a group of 14 Oath Keepers who were the LEADERS of the assault on the Capitol.

Except . . . they weren’t. They didn’t lead or even participate in a single bike rack barricade breach, they didn’t touch or push open a single door, they never broke one window. At every breach point, either hundreds or maybe even thousands preceded them. And that FACT has been captured and replayed on hours worth of video in this courtroom.

In fact, many esteemed and award-winning journalists documented those violent assaults and breach points – yet not one of those ever captured Kenny Harrelson doing violence or property damage. 

They weren’t the LEADERS in any aspect of January 6th – other than perhaps leaders of scary words . . . by some. Scary deeds? . . . Not so much.

One more quick excerpt from the government’s opening argument:

“. . . even though President Trump never invoked the Insurrection Act, these defendants did use force to drive the members of Congress out of the Capitol, occupy the building and stop for a time Congress’s joint session that is a critical part of the transfer of power process.”

Does anybody realize that would require a Time Machine for such an assertion to even be true? Congress and the Vice President had already been evacuated . . . as a result of the initial breach on the west side of the building . . . of which none of these defendants had a part. 

It was THOSE west side perpetrators, who conspired to occupy the Capitol building . . . and they then also opened the east side doors.

Further, let’s exercise a modicum of simple common sense about this OCCUPY nonsense.

-FIRST . . . Kenny forced no member of Congress out of the Capitol . . . but, he did enter through a door opened by THOSE WHO DID temporarily force Congress from the work of certifying the election.

-SECOND . . . Kenny walked through that door meeting no force or resistance.

-THIRD . . . less than 20 minutes later he walked back out of the same door – under no compulsion or force from anyone –  while hundreds . . . some say as many as 2,000 others remained . . . until many of those had to be forced out by law enforcement officers. 

Ken Harrelson was already in his hotel room, long before the last of the actual “Occupiers” were forced out of the Capitol.

And . . . how . . . exactly . . . is someone in a t-shirt and ball cap . . . carrying no weapons of any kind . . . who walks in and out of a doorway, unmolested . . . staying for only 17 minutes . . . somehow to be considered or ACCUSED as having OCCUPIED what is ostensibly one of the most secure facilities in the world?

The absurdity boggles the mind.

They were neither the first in . . . by many hundreds . . . and neither the last out . . . but estimates ranging from a thousand to 2,000 individuals who entered the Capitol Building on the 6th. Yet, somehow, for that brief 17 minutes . . . 


In fact . . . let’s review what Kenny did during those 17 minutes:

FIRST – he joined in a prayer circle in the Rotunda with Mr Meggs.

SECOND – Kenny, Meggs and a couple other Oath Keepers put themselves in between more agitated protesters and Officer Dunn – who on this very witness stand admitted that eyewitness testimony in such highly kinetic situations could be very unreliable . . . BUT . . . video doesn’t lie. 

Despite protestations to the contrary, we can clearly see Kenny and the others with their backs turned to Officer Dunn . . . and him in the background . . . while we hear protestors shouting at Dunn . . . calling him an “OATH BREAKER, OATH BREAKER” . . . and then we see Kenny holding out both arms to keep protestors from breaching their line and attempting to go down those steps Officer Dunn was guarding.

Then, we’ve seen the presentation of video evidence that Special Agent Lazarus COULD NOT have been there when the Oath Keepers were interacting with Officer Dunn. That video clearly showed that Agent Lazarus did not come though that area until long after Dunn, Kenny, and the others were long gone. 

I don’t know who Lazarus saw interacting with Dunn – where, or when – but his recollection does not comport with the video evidence.

Bottom line . . . if the Government’s own presentation of video doesn’t fit . . . then you must acquit.

(All this video evidence will be available to you for review during your deliberations.)


Switching gears . . . just as we’ve all learned from the other three Florida Oath Keepers presented as government witnesses — one of the primary reasons Kenny was attracted to the Oath Keepers was their commitment to disaster relief services. Just like those three —  Kenny had a keen sense of duty to helping those communities hardest hit by the hurricanes that so frequently hit their state. As previously mentioned, that’s exactly how he and his wife Angel met — when he was doing disaster relief after hurricane Gustav in Louisiana. So, it’s a passion near and dear to his heart.

From there . . . we pretty much know the rest of the story. He and Angel have three children. His son is now in the Army, and his daughter in the ROTC. Both still choosing that path of service to country – even since his arrest in March of last year.

In closing . . . you may recall that I briefly touched on one of the most famous quotes from John Adams’ defense of those British Soldiers accused of murder in the Boston Massacre. Said Adams in that trial:

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

John Adams also intoned Lord Chief Justice Hale, in his defense of those British soldiers back in 1770. Hale said:

“It is better five guilty persons escape, than one innocent person suffer.”

That legal principle actually began in ancient Rome . . . was adopted by English Common Law . . . and is a bedrock of American justice today. 

It is the very reason why we say a man cannot be punished for a crime unless he is found guilty “BEYOND reasonable doubt.” 

Not just ‘reasonable doubt,’ but BEYOND doubt.


With the Court’s indulgence, I’d like to leave you with one more quote:

“And therein we find, neglected by us, the simplest, the most accessible key to our liberation: a personal non-participation in lies! 

“Even if all is covered by lies, even if all is under their rule, let us resist in the smallest way: Let their rule hold not through me!

-Alexander Solzhenitsyn

In this Court we only stand in honor of two entities – when you both enter and leave this courtroom. His Honor, the Court . . . and you, the Jurors.

In the end, it is given to you – by our Constitution – to have the most powerful voice of all in these proceedings. His Honor can guide and direct us through the confusing labyrinth of legal procedures, but it is you who ultimately have the power to decide the fate of these defendants.

I implore you to see past this newly hatched insinuation of an implied conspiracy. In all those scary words, dozens of the Government’s own witnesses openly declared they could find no evidence of a stated plan to assault the Capitol or stop the certification of the 2020 election. Either written or verbalized. 

The government then purposefully obscured or denied the evidence of the actual mission of the Oath Keepers on the actual day of January 6th. 

They showed you prejudicial video of violence and of barricade, window, and doors breaches – at which no Oath Keeper was even present.

Then the most egregious perversion of truth was their declaring the Oath Keepers to be the “Leaders” of the assault on the Capitol, Congress, and our Democracy – when we all know . . . KNOW . . . thousands of others were there before they arrived . . . and hundreds of others were actually in the LEAD of what took place that day . . . before the Oath Keepers and Kenny Harrelson ever arrived.


Kenneth Harrelson is not guilty of any of the alleged conspiracies with which he’s charged. He assaulted no one. He damaged no property. 

Swept up in the moment, he ignorantly walked into the wrong place, but did so with a servant’s heart. I ask you to please send this innocent man back home to his family. 

Thank you all for your sacrifice in performing this most honorable duty.

Thank you, Your Honor.

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