In this series, our focus shifts from J6ers stories towards the experiences of J6 family members following the arrest of their beloved. Presented here are the accounts from mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sons, and daughters. Sadly, there are numerous others also undergoing this type of terrible hardship. While the authorities commend the actions of Antifa and BLM, labeling them as peaceful demonstrations, the J6 individuals find themselves unfairly treated by an unrestrained government, with minimal opposition from Republicans holding office. Most J6ers’ families have to try and overcome PTSD, deal with
the fact that their breadwinner is gone, try to comfort their children, many having not seen their father for more than two years.
Please pray for these families and support them any way you can.

The morning remains unforgettable, a vivid recollection of her tearful call, recounting the news about her husband. Her sobs made it hard to decipher her words initially. Away on a business trip, she recounted the FBI’s abrupt arrival and subsequent arrest of her husband. The speed at which she had to arrange her return home was astounding, while uncertainty and anxiety loomed large.

That day altered the course of all our lives, forever imprinting the memory. Witnessing your own children grapple with such a colossal blow is nothing short of heart-wrenching. The parental instinct to shield them from pain is overpowering. Each incoming call becomes a nerve-wracking experience, as the challenges of each new day unfold. I saw my daughter, bearing the weight of the world, step forward for her husband. She not only manages their finances and handles domestic issues, but she also takes on multiple jobs to sustain not just her life, but their shared existence. The abrupt addition of $1500 to $2000 in monthly expenses is staggering. How does one adapt? Retrieving notices of canceled credit cards, bank accounts, and travel services from the mailbox, all without explanation, seems unjust. And indeed, it is.

Years of imparting values about community contribution, resilience in times of uncertainty, and selfless giving clash with the reality of our own country holding political prisoners. It contradicts everything we’ve taught our children about America’s ideals. We raised them to believe in the unparalleled greatness of this nation, to cherish the freedom it offers. To witness these beliefs crumble before our eyes is truly shattering. Nevertheless, our conviction in America’s potential remains steadfast. It’s specific individuals who’ve twisted justice within our society.

We’ve discovered that we aren’t alone in our anguish over the unjust treatment of our loved ones since January 6th. Explaining why our son-in-law, an honorable police officer committed to serving humanity and fellow officers, is facing persecution is a challenge. His unwavering commitment to fairness is evident from his days as a sheriff’s officer, treating inmates with respect. He willingly extended his hand whenever it was needed. The video and audio evidence of January 6th reinforces his dedication, as he assisted others even when his own life was in peril. This is who he is at the core, the young man who captured my daughter’s heart in 2009. She was drawn to his character, and his actions over the years earned our trust. Today, our courageous daughter stands up for his integrity, advocating for all those facing persecution due to January 6th.

This tragedy has touched every corner, sparing none from its impact. Our faith remains steadfast in the Lord, understanding that this situation is a part of God’s plan for our family. We can’t selectively believe; the God who stands with us in triumph stands equally with us in tribulation. His promise of unwavering presence holds true. We choose to cling to this belief in every aspect of our lives. Our journey is a living testament, proof of the strength faith provides. We firmly believe that God is employing this moment to mold us into vessels of his purpose.

As parents, we’ve come to realize that the small gestures we imparted while raising our children have found expression in their adulthood. I couldn’t be prouder of my daughter and her husband. Despite the odds stacked against them, our resolve remains unshaken, embodying the truth that courage is acknowledging that certain things hold greater importance than fear itself.