We spoke to James a couple of days ago and we could not help but feeling a sense of sadness in his voice. James, a smart young American, went to DC like many others to support the constitutional right of our citizens to ask for a redress of their grievances as many suspected the election was fraudulent. Little did he know that he would end up in jail because of it. With a promising carreer in front of him, as he was awarded a scholarship for a law school, he is now in limbo. He does not know if he will be able to resume his dream of becoming a lawyer when he is free again. If he does, we hope he will be able to help correct the injustice that is befalling many other J6ers.

James received multiple charges. He was seen near Ryan Samsel and Ray Epps when barriers were knocked down. James was charged with assault with a deadly weapon for pushing a fence, with the government arguing that the fence is the deadly weapon. James is awaiting his sentencing that should occur on December 5th. The question is how much pushing a barrier will cost him?

If he was ANTIFA, he would probably get an award but as part of a Trump supporters crowd, the bets are not in his favor. Please pray for James that he will get time served and can soon return to his life as he is hopeful, and that he can return to school when he is free again. Contribute to his fundraiser as you can.

Ray Epps flag incident was documented by @Stephen Horn here  @freestatewill here.

James Grant

📬 James Grant
Smart Communications
DC Central Detention Facility
1901 D Street SE
Washington DC 20001

🎂 7/6 🎂

Incarcerated since 10/14/2021
or 763 days.

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