There are lots of people who work in the background for J6 Political Prisoners. @ansleyRhain is one of them. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her and many do.

You can imagine how boring being in a cell must be. This is why letters, thanks to Patriot Mail Project  mean a lot to them. They love them and tell me so.

The next thing they love is reading. So this project below is crucial.

Here is how she describes it:

📚New J6 prisoner gift book registries have been added. Show your support for our J6 prisoners by having books in their gift book registries sent directly to the jails/prisons or donating to the new GSG specifically set up to purchase Bibles, books, magazine subscriptions, Epoch Times, and tablets for J6ers.

Reading helps them cope with extended lockdowns, stay connected with the outside world and provides moments of escape from the harshness of prison life. See link for a current list of book registries and the link to the new GSG.
Thank you, ❤️Ansley

J6 PrisonersTracker – Prisoner Book Registry Links