Happy 30th Birthday, Robert!!

Robert will spend his 3rd birthday behind bars. Despite the daily torture and long sentence he received he remains hopeful and positive. Rob is a Godly man and nobody can destroy his spirit.

Rob is located in one of the most violent BOP prisons. He is targeted and punished right now by the BOP and may not be allowed to have phone communication or visitors on his birthday.

Pray for this kind hearted patriot. Pray for his safety and strength. Send him b-day letters or just a note. He will appreciate all.
Cards are not allowed but you can scan or print a copy and send it to him.

Visit Rob’s educational website:


Robert Morss

📬 Robert Morss
FDC Philadelphia
Federal Detention Center
P.O. BOX 562
Philadelphia, PA 19105

🎂 8/20 🎂

Has been incarcerated for 741 days.
including remaining serving time for 3 5 days.