Tuesday was another sad day in the history of the United States of America’s justice system.

After being given an 86-page instruction document, the jury in Mark and Jalise Middleton’s trial started their deliberations. It would be interesting to see what the instructions were – how to convict someone who has done nothing wrong and how you might want to avoid watching the video evidence in case you would want to acquit these defendants!? We don’t know but it feels like there is a definite intent to find every J6er guilty.

It has become more and more obvious that a trial in DC will end in complete conviction no matter what. Mark and Jalise were huddling in prayer when they were attacked by police. From this the DOJ and the prosecution put together a web of lies to try and uphold the bogus charges leveled against this Christian couple. Mark and Jalise are upstanding citizens. They live in rural Texas minding their own business. They decided to go to DC in order to pray for our country. Like most Americans, they watched the election and saw how strange things that night were. When have all the swing states stopped counting votes in the middle of the night before this fateful day? Never! Something was amiss. About one million Americans showed up at the event of January 6th. The atmosphere was amazing as many have told us since. People were praying, others were chanting patriotic slogans, and most did not see any violence nor committed any violence. Many were let in the Capitol building by police, not realizing it was entrapment. After 1400 arrests (and the FBI is STILL raiding homes today after 3 years) hundreds have been convicted or plead guilty to misdemeanors. Unbelievably, many are being sent to prison for these misdemeanors, another first in this country. It has become evident that these arrests and trials were perpetrated in order to aggravate Trump’s own conviction for J6. The President who most likely won the last election and is set to win the next one has been charged with the obstruction of an official proceeding, the famous 1512(c)(2) felony charge which has also been given to over 200 people. This charge is worth to up to 20 years in prison. Of course, it is to be seen if the coming election will be conducted with the same amount of fraud to put a new puppet in office. It is unlikely that Joe Biden will make it there this time, unless the Democrats and the country accepts to have a mummy in the White House.  So, we are not sure who the next puppet will be.

Mark and Jalise were convicted on all counts. Those who were following the development of this trial were shocked, and anxiously waited to see if the judge would send them to jail right away. Fortunately, Judge Moss allowed them to go home and wait there on home confinement until their sentencing in May.

We ask all to pray for these wonderful American citizens who are being railroaded by a government for political reasons. We are reminded of the arrests that occur in totalitarian regimes all over history and the world.

Mark and Jalise deserve your support. After January 6th they started American Patriot Relief, a non-profit organization dedicated to serve J6ers. They have spent every day since then to provide help where needed. They also are the heart and soul behind the J6 Support Hotline that J6ers can call any time for support and prayer. This hotline is manned by volunteers. Mark and Jalise have attended multiple events to raise awareness about the plight of J6ers. We believe this is why the government was intent on silencing them.

We the American people will not forget this injustice!