“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 9.2: The DC Gulag; Washington, DC

–Goontown USA–

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

In the epic Classic novel 1984, George Orwell famously stated, “…if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stepping on a man’s face…” That boot was no longer a hypothetical of the future. It was a proverbial reality in my present. Shortly after arriving in E2B, I had a visit by my new attorney, Jonathan Crisp. The interview was brief, and he was concerned about the Debriefing I had done when I was first arrested. He asked me point blank “Why did you do that? Why did you talk to the FBI?” I told him, “Well, for one, Shelli told me I needed to. Second, I wanted to tell the truth. I didn’t think I did anything wrong and I wanted to set the record straight.” I guess that was not advisable. He then asked, “Do you want to continue that?” I shook my head wildly, “HELL NO! They kept putting words in my mouth, accusing me of things I didn’t do, and I think they were trying to frame me for stuff that they know I had nothing to do with. They can pretty much go f*** themselves.” He dropped a folder on the table; it was the transcripts of everything I had said. He tapped on the folder as he looked at me and said “This could be a problem”. I shrugged and said, “It’s all true. It’s the truth. They can try to do whatever they want, but I can prove everything I said.” He looked quite serious. I don’t think he planned on that, “Well…” he said carefully, “…are you willing to discuss a Plea Bargain? Usually talking to the FBI like this is a prelude to taking a Plea Deal…” I thought it through and agreed “…I mean, yeah. If I committed a crime, then I want to just Plead Guilty and move on with life. But see, they wanted me to plead guilty to s*** that I didn’t do, so I won’t do that. I am willing to hear them out, but no matter what they threaten me with, I refuse to plead guilty to s*** that I didn’t do.” He understood my feelings and left with a handshake. After a few months went by, this conversation was all but forgotten.

Abruptly one day, I was taken out of the Unit and escorted down to Receiving and Discharge (R&D), and told that I was going to be leaving the facility imminently. This confused the hell out of me. Leaving? Leaving the jail? Like… NOW?! There’s no way that I am being released. Like, why would they release me after all this? I was confused as hell. Soon I was taken out of the cell and met up with the two FBI Agents that had performed my Debriefing: Special Agents Palian and Eller, with a woman Agent I had never seen. They were very polite, and asked how I was doing as they handcuffed me and placed me into their car. I don’t think you understand, FBI Agents are slick. They are kind and considerate. Cordial, almost like they’re your friend. But that’s all snake s***. They just want to have a good rapport with you so that you do what they want. They’re master manipulators, they play head-games for a living. They drove me into downtown DC and into the FBI Headquarters. I was unshackled and escorted into a small room. They made me comfortable, brought me coffee, and let me settle in to wait for my attorney and his investigator (a nice guy named Skip) to arrive. Once they did, my attorney laid down the ground rules. This session is what is known as a “reverse proffer”, where they lay out the evidence against me and try to convince me to take a Plea Deal. Anything I said can and will be used against me, but I wasn’t there to talk to them. They were there to talk to me. So just let them talk, and then I could make my decision. Once he had prepared me, the FBI goons came in, followed by Kate Racoczy (spelling?). I was relieved to see that Ahmed Basset was nowhere to be found. I would have walked out the room if he had been there. I HATE that guy. Kate was far nicer, and a professional. She didn’t raise her voice, wag her finger in my face and call me a terrorist. She just did her job, asked her questions and remained calm. As far as Prosecutors go, she was the one I preferred to deal with. I’m sure they picked up on that. It’s probably why they sent her.

She spent a couple hours laying out their case. They didn’t have one. All they had was a bunch of hyperbole and a LOT of inferences. But their case was weak sauce. I couldn’t believe they managed to get Seditious Conspiracy charges to stick with the Grand Jury, but as they say “A Grand Jury could Indict a ham sandwich.” The Prosecution ignored a LOT of evidence that proved me innocent. Not their job, but I knew my Discovery WELL! Very well. I knew I was innocent and that I could prove it. But I was also aware that this is Washington, DC… Goontown USA. Land of Corruption. With each Powerpoint slide Kate showed me, I became more and more aware that they were hellbent on destroying me. It had nothing to do with the evidence. The idea was to get me to crack. To take the plea. To scare me into submission. I struggled. The weight of a vengeful Government is soul crushing. They bought pizza, and we ate a hasty lunch before continuing. Before they resumed, I talked with my attorney. “I can’t do this! I can’t plead guilty to this s***!!!” But, I came this far, so I let them finish their presentation. When they were done, I told them the following. “I can’t take this. I can’t. If you want me to say I ‘accidentally Obstructed an Official Proceeding’ because I was inside there, fine. But I didn’t go there to do that. I didn’t mean to interrupt anything, I thought it was over before I got there. But, If you want me to say that being there was ‘an act of Obstruction’, then so be it. If you want to say I committed a ‘Conspiracy to trespass’ for walking through the door with people, fine. But I didn’t plot to stop anything.” I refused to plead guilty to Seditious Conspiracy or Destruction charges, because I was innocent and I could PROVE it. Then Kate spoke up, “Well, I will ask on your behalf; to not Plead to Seditious Conspiracy. But I won’t endorse or recommend it. I think you’ll have to Plead Guilty to Seditious Conspiracy. I need you to Plead Guilty to Destruction of Government Property too, and we can drop the rest.” I was stunned.

I asked for a moment to use the bathroom, and I broke down crying. They didn’t care about the truth or evidence. They just wanted me to fall on my sword and admit to crimes I didn’t commit; to fulfill their false J6 narrative. I think I cried in the bathroom for like 5-10 minutes. I composed myself as best I could and came back out. I took Attorney Crisp back into the room with me, and I told him. “I can’t do this. I won’t Plead Guilty to s*** that I didn’t do.” I think he was surprised. I also think he was secretly proud of me too. He smiled thinly and said, “Ok, you’re sure? Ok. You know what that means? That we need to take it to trial.” I was numb, and nodded. What other choice did I have? They knew I was innocent and they STILL wanted to destroy me? Well, f*** that, and f*** them. They wouldn’t do it without a fight. As badly as I didn’t want to go to trial, they had left me with no alternative. So be it. “Yes. I guess we are. We’re going to trial”. My attorney excused himself and went to inform the Prosecutors and the FBI. They came back in the room, Attorney Crisp and his Investigator bid me farewell, and the FBI handcuffed me once more to take me back to the jail. As we left the FBI Headquarters, I watched the city streets go by and I said flat out. “I hate this f***ing city.” The FBI goons thought I meant generally speaking; traffic, homelessness, etc. But I wanted them to know what I really thought. I stated my feelings clearly. “This is a corrupt, evil place. F*** Washington, DC. This is a cancer rotting away in the heart of America.” They said nothing. They were the corrupt boot on my face, and I was calling them out for it. We rode in silence as we returned to the jail, all banter and small talk discarded. They dropped me back off at the DC Gulag where I would remain until the trial began.