“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 7.3: The DC Gulag; Washington, DC

–The Raid–

by: Jessica Watkins (Political Prisoner #26050-509)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

America was waking up to the truth about January 6th. After 6 months of lies and nonstop fearmongering, the Democrats had picked at the proverbial “J6 bandage” too many times. Now Conservatives wanted to see the horrendous wound that was alleged to lie beneath. Once the bandage was peeled back, Conservatives were finding that it was merely a scratch. All the rhetoric about “threats to Democracy” and “violent MAGA right wing extremist terrorist supremacists murdering Police Officers”… well, it smacked of hyperbole, exaggerations, and lies. The Conservatives, led by Julie Kelly, started to investigate and rapidly found that not all is as it was claimed to be. For starters, there were FAR too many innocent people that were willing to speak out; to attest that it was a PEACEFUL rally; that the Police provoked the attacks; that innocent people like Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland were murdered; that there were undercovers – Federal Informants, Antifa, and provocateurs that had infiltrated the crowd. People like Ray Epps. That THOSE people were still free, despite their well documented actions, while the peaceful people were being rounded up with SWAT raids. Michael Sherwin was the J6 Task Force Czar at the time, and proudly went on 60 Minutes, declaring that he was on a mission of “Shock and Awe”. Now that Conservatives were learning the TRUTH about January 6th, they started seeing us for what we REALLY were: Political Prisoners. They compared our behaviors against those of Antifa/BLM/Leftists, and quickly found that they had been lied to. The hypocricy of it stunk to high heaven. The reaction was predictable, they rallied to our cause.

They announced that there would be a Justice for J6 Rally at the US Capitol Building, followed by a candlelight vigil at the DC Gulag. At OUR jail! We were hyped! The Qtards kept patting each other on the back, saying “It’s happening!” (a mantra we would use rhetorically later). We were full of hope, watching for articles or news stories about the Rally. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi was preparing the Capitol for war. The fences went back up. The National Guard got called. The cops recalled all their Officers, and cancelled vacation. The MAGA Grannies were a-comin’ to support them damn dirty Trumpers, and the Leftist Media was acting like Democracy hung from a frail thread. But, given the draconian response that was spun by the Democrats and the frothy media, we were extra vigilant ourselves. We were concerned about another J6, that the Rally would devolve into a False Flag operation. Even President Trump feared this, and was very vocal – telling people NOT to go. That kinda pissed us off, really. For starters, President Trump didn’t even acknowledge that we existed. That offended a lot of us, because the election was stolen from HIM, and WE wanted our voices to be heard about it; angry that our votes were disenfranchised by the fraudulent election. We voted for Trump, we knew there was election fraud, and we knew the election was rigged. But it was HIM we voted for. HIM that was denied his victory. HIM that we came to hear speak. HIM that we came to support. But HE couldn’t even be bothered to say our names, or acknowledge the sacrifice we were suffering on his behalf.

Needless to say, when he told people not to go to the rally, I was very upset and offended. This rally was about US. Not HIM. We were innocent Political Prisoners… HOSTAGES of the Biden Regime… denied bond and held incarcerated while those who committed carjacking, armed robbery, and drive-by shootings in DC were set free on ankle monitors. Yeah. That’s a fact jack. The violent criminals of Washington, DC were routinely released on bond. But people like us, who had NO criminal history were held without bond – deemed a threat to society. We were Political Prisoners and that was OUR rally. And President Trump told people not to go. Could it have been a false flag? Sure. Could it have gotten bad? Sure. But America isn’t supposed to have Political Prisoners. The rally was for OUR injustice. If President Trump had told people to support us… to remain peaceful at all costs… well. There would have been hundreds of thousands who would have attended. Instead, maybe 200 people showed up. They would be outnumbered by cops and soldiers 5 to 1. The whole thing fell apart, because President Trump wanted to prevent another J6. I am sure his reasoning was sound, but it had the effect of crippling the Justice for J6 movement before it ever took off. It should have had a MASSIVE attendance.

When the morning came, we watched out of our window slit as the CO’s dressed for war. They looked like Stormtroopers, gas masks, riot gear, K9 units, Billy clubs and mace. They were jubilant, excited. You could see it in their body movement. They wanted a piece of the action. Bigtime! When they came on the Unit, they stormed about in their fancy gear, barking orders like they were under attack. They screamed at us “Grab your f***ing mattress and get out here! Do it now!” They evacuated us, taking us out of C2B and out of the Unit in groups. Me, Jeff McKellop, Jake Lang and a few others started singing the National Anthem. They screamed, “Shut the f*** up with that stupid shit. Nobody wants to hear your stupid f***ing song. Shut the F*** UP!” We were caught off guard, stunned into silence. Jake Lang decided to keep singing. They snatched him up by his uniform, pinned him against the wall by his throat, and proceeded to beat the ever living f*** out of him. I am not a Jake Lang fan. Not by any stretch. He’s arrogant, selfish, grifting megalomaniac. But I watched the man get beaten; violently savaged, and thrown in The Hole for singing the National Anthem. What happened to him that day was WRONG. It is Anti-American as it gets. But the Staff members in that jail hate America. So why am I at all surprised? The Rally fell apart. Because Trump told people not to come, almost nobody did. The candlelight vigil was even smaller. When we were taken out of the basement cells, and brought back to our Unit, the place was a disaster. All the mistreatment and the beating of Jake Lang were pointless.