“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 7.1: The DC Gulag; Washington, DC

–Damn Dirty Trumpers–

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

The summer did not fare well for our corrupt DoJ and the Democrat cronies that empowered them. One day, upon returning from outside Rec, Kyle Rittenhouse broke down sobbing as he was found NOT GUILTY on all charges. The entire Unit of C2B broke out cheering, clapping and applauding as the poor guy was finally a free man. Next up was the smackdown of the Fednapping Plot of Gretchen Whitmer. That painted Chrissy Wray in a new light… that his task force crafted a plot, spearheaded it, and then conned a few idiots into going along with it. In other words… entrapment. Furthermore, Steven Sund was coming out, telling the truth about January 6th. I listened to C-SPAN live as they covered the Senate Flash Hearings that pointed the finger DIRECTLY at leadership; culminating with the Sergeant-at-Arms under Nancy Pelosi. I know, shocking, right? Whoodathunk it? The same lady that decided that she didn’t want the National Guard present on J6? Yup. Her. The same lady that put the Capitol Police on a “skeleton crew” on J6, leaving the Capitol vulnerable? Yup. Her. The same lady who “just-so-happened” to have her daughter working (for the first time) on an HBO Documentary, by following her around to capture the “harrowing moments”? Yup. Her. The same lady who hand selected the members of the January 6 Select Committee? Yup. Her. The same lady who was friends with one of the Capitol Police Officers (Harry Dunn) that was testifying at the first J6 Select Committee hearing? Yup. Her. This was HER show. But as Nancy Pelosi once said (the September prior to the 2020 Election), “Whether [Trump] knows it or not, he will be leaving the White House”. She also said, “We will fumigate [Trump] from the White House.” Yup. Her.

I gotta give the lady this… she’s a woman of her word. The January 6th Select Committee would serve as her personal Pest Control; staffed by her prime picks and with witnesses that were her friends. We watched/listened to the first January 6 Select Committee live. My blood boiled at their “DISGRACEFUL” *dramatic desk palming* (~Michael Fanone) performance. It was so badly scripted, so badly performed that it was laughable. Only we weren’t laughing. The lies rolled off their tongues in a steady stream, every glorious moment of which would be parroted and scrutinized by the Mainstream Media doing the bidding of the Democrats. They ate it up like a senile former Vice President eating Rocky Road ice cream in a basement. It was shameful. But for me, and the other OathKeepers, we were PARTICULARLY focused on the testimony of Harry Dunn. We’d already had access to his FBI 302’s (his testimony/debriefing), and we already knew that he had changed his story multiple times; each time backpedaling his rescue by the OathKeepers. In case you don’t remember, allow me to remind you. Kelly and Connie Meggs, Kenneth Harrelson, and other OathKeepers heroically rescued Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn. Like… on video. A video that would eventually be withheld (special thanks to Don and Donna of Cowboy Logic for exposing the full Steven Horn video). I digress. We knew that Harry Dunn kept altering his story. We had his transcripts. He would do it again, and during his dramatic Select Committee retelling… well, shocking. His story changed AGAIN.

Now, I’m no cop. I have no Law Enforcement training or Investigative experience or techniques at my disposal. But, correct me if I am wrong, I think that’s… a clue of some kind. If a story changes every time it’s told. Gets more dramatic every time, with more and more of the actual details (like being rescued by a group of dudes in tactical gear. Anyone would forget something like that, right?) Well, I mean. If I was a cop, that would set off a few alarm bells and raise a few red flags. Throw a blaring red alarm light with strobes in there too. That’s a clue that the person is either lying… or… they’re… lying. Would YOU put that guy on a Congressional public panel on LIVE TV before the American people? Do you put that guy on a WITNESS STAND, to attempt to put people in prison for LIFE? Well, too bad YOU’RE not a cop, because the REAL cops though it was just swell. Soon he was crying, blubbering on TV, playing the “race card” while re-re-retelling his thrice retold, quad-revised story. And lo-and-behold, it didn’t match up with his testimony yet again. I stormed about inside my concrete box, purple in face as I listened to the man lie himself further into a hole. I could have seen it a good thing, “Oh wow. Awesome! The cops are going ON THE RECORD and committing perjury? That’s great for us!” But not me. I didn’t see ANY silver lining. The Democrats want to DESTROY ME, and they were willing to lie to do it. I knew that I hadn’t heard the last of Harry friggin Dunn. I knew this guy was going to keep it up until the ends of the earth. I wasn’t wrong.

After the dramatic J6 Select Committee testimony, the tone of the jail soured against us badly. The CO’s kept calling us “Trumpers”, “Trump motherf***ers”, etc. They shook us down daily. They took our stuff, made our lives hell. We kept together, kept singing the National Anthem, kept our heads high. Even when the pipes burst on the Top Tier, we banded together to solve the problem. I broke out singing The National Anthem, and we all bellowed as loud as we could, up to our ankles in dirty s*** toilet water, squeegee-ing water into the shower drains and sucking up what we could with a shop-vac. The CO’s stood around flabbergasted, and when Sergeant came up screaming “LOCKDOWN MOTHERF***ERS! ALL YOU MOTHERF***ERS LOCK…DO…” and looked around at us in astonishment as we kept working together, singing our National Anthem as we solved the problem. This would become a recurring theme. No matter the abuses, no matter the crisis, we’d stick together (even the grifters, mostly) and we’d sing our National Anthem and solve the problem together. No jail has ever, or never will see such a thing in American History. We J6ers are cut from a different cloth; we make adversity our b****. Which is good, because soon we would need to do it again. A “Justice for J6 Rally” was coming to DC on September (I think) 18th, 2021. The DC Beltway lost its ever-lovin-minds. The barbed wire fencing went back up. The SWAT Cops went on standby, and the DC area held its breath as the nation braced for a second January 6th to happen on our behalf.