“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 10.7: The Federal Courthouse; Washington, DC

–The “OathKeeper 1” Trial: The Government’s Case In Chief Part 4–

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Courtroom Transcripts, Evidentiary Exhibits, Court Documents and Testimony.

I think the Jury was relived to see some actual relevant evidence finally being brought forward. Everything that the Government had presented thus far was a lot of hyperbole and speculation. All of it was boring as f***, too. Most of the relevant questions were never answered. “Why did the OathKeepers come to DC?” The answer to that question must have changed half a dozen times. If they showed our ACTUAL messages, we would have been immediately found Not Guilty. So the FBI witnesses just obfuscated and danced around the topic. There were no relevant communications between the Defendants. Most of the communications were between a single Defendant and our family/friends. They even resorted to showing our memes. At one point, they had shown pictures of my deer hunting rifle (a Remington 700 in .308), which never even left Ohio! I guess they showed it, because it “looked scary”? I mean, OK? I guess. It had nothing to do with J6 though, and I owned way better rifles than that one. Why didn’t they show THOSE guns instead (which also never left Ohio)? Crazier still, they showed a picture of my Army Ranger Flag and Airsoft guns. During the raid on my home, the FBI Investigators were rummaging through my house looking for evidence. They unpinned one of the tacks holding my Ranger Flag on the wall. They let the flag drape by one pin, so they could take a picture. Then they tried to claim that the Ranger Flag was actually an OathKeeper Flag. Beside the flag on a shelf was a stack of broken Airsoft guns. The FBI witness claimed the image portrayed “An OathKeeper flag and a stockpile of firearms”.

None of that was true. Even if it had been (which it wasn’t) “owning rifles” and a flag isn’t even illegal. I am (well… was) a responsible gun owner. I DID own guns, all of which were 100% legal. But the “guns” in the picture weren’t even real guns! No. Those were clearly broken AIRSOFT guns (used for parts). You could even see the battery wires hanging out of one, and the “hop-up” in another. The third was a “rubber duck”. I rubber gun with no moving parts at all. So fake guns then. A stockpile of broken fake guns, and an Army flag. Terrifying! So much of the “evidence” they presented was irrelevant to January 6th. None of the “communications” showed anything resembling a Conspiracy. It was all talk about the Security Detail or Antifa, and there wasn’t much of it. Ultimately, we were being accused of basically “plotting to overthrow the government using telepathy”. Frankly, that would have made more sense. It’s like that old saying, “There’s no there-there”. That’s because everyone on the OathKeeper Security Detail were essentially strangers. We lived in different States. We didn’t text each other. We didn’t call each other. We were complete and total strangers. The “Conspiracy” they had promised was simply nonexistent. So for weeks, the messages and posts dragged on and on. Finally, the Government had arrived at January 6th itself. The “Cell Phone Triangulation” Lady for the FBI made a fancy map that painted a false picture of events. We debunked THAT video too. A Capitol Police Officer showed the boundary for the Capitol; to show who was trespassing and who wasn’t. It turns out that even people on the sidewalk or in a street-side parking spot were trespassing. But, we proved that we obeyed the Restricted Area signs wherever we saw them.

Then the Government created an Excel spreadsheet; they duplicated my phone Call Log, they “copy/pasted” it, they changed the time-stamps, then they spliced in the “call duration” from Tom Caldwell’s phone, and then they tried to say that the spreadsheet showed PROOF that “…Ms. Watkins used these phone calls to coordinate the strike on the US Capitol.” Yeah, that happened. They just fabricated evidence out of thin air. I was PISSED OFF! Thanks to the PowerPoint I made for my Attorney, I knew my Call Logs BY HEART. I had made/received ZERO phone calls during the events of January 6th. Not one! But, more on that later. Then they put (I think) Jason Dolan on the witness stand. He broke down crying and talked about his alcoholism; about being depressed and angry about the Election result. But ultimately, he confirmed there was no plan or anything – that we kinda just walked up to the Capitol and walked inside. Then they started showing footage. There was a lot of videos of us just kinda milling about the Capitol grounds. We were smiling, strolling around. Then they showed the famous video of the “Not-A-Tactical-Stack” Formation of us walking up the Capitol steps. Only, they had to crop the video and remove the audio to make it seem like it was “a maneuver to breach the Capitol doors”. Turns out, we just walked up the steps together to sing the National Anthem, smoke cigarettes, and take videos/selfies. Then the Prosecution came out with this video where they spliced together images and videos of J6 violence and overlaid it with pictures and videos of the OathKeepers. We debunked THAT video too. The damage to the doors was done by a man named Hunter Ehmke; nearly 30 minutes before we got to the Capitol. We were half a mile away, on Pennsylvania Ave at the time.

So, the Prosecution tried to alter the timeline of events by creating “hybrid videos”. They wanted to make it seem like we helped the crowd to assault Police. But, we proved that we were down the steps singing the National Anthem at the time; it was some Antifa looking people that peppersprayed the Police. We had nothing to do with it. By the time that the Capitol doors opened, we STILL weren’t there. At NO POINT did we perform a “tactical breach” or a “violent assault on Police”, and we weren’t aiding and abetting ANYONE. We merely walked through an open door, and there weren’t even any Police around. I don’t even know why the Prosecutors bothered to try to lie, everything was captured on a timestamped video. I guess they believed our Jury was gullible enough to buy whatever bulls*** they were peddling. The DoJ and FBI tried every dirty trick under the sun, and we debunked them each … one by one. Officer Salke talked about how afraid he was etc. But then he made it clear that you couldn’t hear the alarms from outside. So much for that theory. They showed the video of me in the Rotunda. They showed the video of me in the Senate Hallway. Then miraculously *poof* somehow we were all outside again and heading home. They didn’t show us leaving the Capitol, because it would have sabotaged their narrative. We were either assisting Police or helping the injured. So they just skipped over all that. Then came the finger pointers. This was exposed by Don & Donna of @CowboyLogic and by @SteveBaker with TheBlaze. First came Officer Lazarus, who claimed that he “saw the OathKeepers joining a mob that was harassing Officer Harry Dunn”. Nope, quite the opposite. In fact, at the time when he claimed that occurred, he was elsewhere in the Capitol Building. He was ON CAMERA, complete with timestamps. At no point could he have seen what he claimed he saw. He committed perjury, plain and simple. Then came the testimony by Officer Harry Dunn himself.

When Officer Dunn took the stand, he was wild-eyed. His uniform was a wrinkled sloppy mess. By the time he was sworn in as a witness, his story had already changed 3-4 times; during FBI interviews, Media Interviews, and J6 Select Committee Interviews. During an FBI debriefing shortly after January 6th, he said that he “…allowed a group of men in helmets and armor with OathKeeper patches protect him near some stairs.” That initial interview statement to the FBI was accurate; it was corroborated by the “Horn Video”. That video captured Kenny Harrelson, Kelly and Connie Meggs, Joe Hackett and others heroically rescuing Officer Dunn. During cross examination, the Defense attorneys asked him about that initial FBI interview (on a form called a 302). Officer Dunn said “…Um, no. I was talking about other people. I let other people… different people with helmets… uh… other different OathKeepers protect me at a different stairwell…” Then he was shown the video of Meggs, Harrelson, Hackett and others LITERALLY RESCUING him. Brad Guyer, Harrelson’s attorney, even gave him an off-ramp during the questioning. “Do you think maybe… you were confused? It was a scary day right? Don’t you think that maybe PTSD affected your memory? Are you SURE you weren’t rescued by THESE OathKeepers?” … “No, it was… um… other OathKeepers… in another stairwell”. He was sticking to his story, despite all evidence contrary. At the end of his re-cross by the Prosecutor, he finished his testimony with “…no, I didn’t need their help. F them.” (verbatim quote). The J6 Select Committee and the Media had never doubted his story. They accepted it at face value and repeated it ad infinitum. Dunn had gotten used to the softball questions, and had never been cross examined. He was wholly unprepared for Defense attorneys scrutinizing his every word. This was a courtroom, with the LITERAL lives of his RESCUERS hanging in the balance. But, he stuck to his (new) story, and ultimately, he too committed Perjury. Because like he said “F them”. All of this was proven. The Courtroom transcripts speak for themselves.