“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 10.5: The Federal Courthouse; Washington, DC

–The “OathKeeper 1” Trial: The Government’s Case In Chief Part 2–

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Courtroom Transcripts, Evidentiary Exhibits, Court Documents and Testimony.

The witnesses that the Government would present were a Tactical Stack Formation (roflolol) of FBI Agents; one after the other, trying to paint the image that the OathKeepers had been plotting to “Obstruct” the peaceful transfer of power “By Force” since “November 3rd”. They would repeat those words nonstop – Obstruct – By Force – November 3rd- so incessantly, that it was clear they were driving at a point. The problem was that there was never any evidence to support that. They made it up out of thin air. What they wanted was the Jury to “fill in the blanks” where evidence did not exist. When that failed, they would just flat out lie. One instance of this was in regards to our preparation for the Million MAGA March. Initially, the Government said that I “…joined a Conference Call with the OathKeepers on November 9th… and then began recruiting people to ‘Use Force’ to ‘Obstruct’ the Peaceful transfer of power… that I then created a Basic Training class to prepare for the events of January 6th.” But that was all a LIE. I didn’t go out looking to recruit people. Two days before the Conference Call, I was at the “Stop the Steal Rally” at the Ohio Sate Capitol on November 7th. While we were there, people asked ME if they could join my militia, so I took down their names. The Conference Call hadn’t even been scheduled yet! I was talking to people who expressed interested in joining my (meager) Ohio militia. The Government lied and said I was recruiting people for the OathKeepers (which is NOT what my texts said). Their lie was even more egregious, because when I texted the “recruits” and told them that “we are NOT anti-government, and we work with Law Enforcement frequently”. I talked about China/UN. I talked about Antifa. I talked about previous protective details at rallies/protests/riots. Do you know what I didn’t talk about? The Election, the Certification, or Obstructing anything! It was clear that I had talked to the “recruits” days BEFORE the Conference Call, not after. And don’t take my word for it, the Timestamps PROVED that they lied (I think that’s called perjury last I checked. Could be wrong.)

Worse yet, was the “Basic Training Class” had originally been scheduled in September BEFORE the Election had even happened! This “Military Style Basic Training” was scheduled for January 3rd – 9th; a WEEK LONG class IN OHIO! So… as of November 9th, I obviously planned to be IN OHIO on January 6th. Not at the Capitol Building. So let’s get to the Conference Call. The call was in preparation for the Protective Detail for the Million MAGA March. Now, first off… there was no anti-Government/Obstruction talk. At all. Period. Not once, and let me be explicit; the call was RECORDED. The talk was all about our Protective Security Details to create a perimeter around the stage at Freedom Plaza while VIP’s like Alex Jones gave speeches. Then we talked about the potential of working WITH Police/Secret Service to create a perimeter around the White House. Why? To prevent Antifa/BLM from laying a “3 Day Siege to the White House” again (like they had done a few months prior). Got that? Working WITH Police. Not Obstructing stuff. We talked about the potential for “…fighting hand to hand with Antifa…” if it got out of control. We talked about how we can’t have weapons. We talked about LEGAL protection: things like batons, pepperspray, and tasers. Yes, the Insurrection Act was mentioned – if things got out of hand, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES could “call us up” and authorize us to work WITH the Government. To be prepared, we would keep our firearms somewhere safe and legal, in case we were authorized to have them at some point. It wasn’t a terribly long phone call, but it WAS being recorded. By whom? By a PEDOPHILE of course! Yep. You heard me. The Government’s “expert witness” was a convicted CHILD RAPIST. The DoJ and FBI offered this creep a NEW IDENTITY and WITNESS PROTECTION if he testified against us. All they needed him to do was lie; to say he was the “Leader” of the West Virginia OathKeeper Chapter. By now, perjury by Government witnesses was getting to be a recurring theme and he would fall right in.

The Government put him on the witness stand. He walked boldly into the Courtroom wearing a shemagh (Arabic looking scarf) wrapped around his face like he was a member of the Taliban. I guess to hide his identity? When the Judge made him take off the shemagh, he looked like a stereotypical Child Molester. His bravado/swagger instantly wilted. Underneath, he looked like Gollem/Smeagol. His current legal name was Hakim Abdullai something or other. Some stereotypical Arabic sounding name. Before that, his legal name was Sergei Krechinkov something or other. Some stereotypical Russian sounding name. And on and on. The guy had (I think) 9 legal name changes since his conviction for raping (yes penetrating) a young child. He had served a lengthy prison sentence for it. The Government put him on the stand and started asking him questions “Were the OathKeepers talking about using force against the government?” … “I think so, they seemed like they were talking about a bunch of anti-government type stuff, about the White House and stuff” … “Were they talking about using violence?” … “Yes, I heard talk about weapons and fighting” … “How did you feel about that?” … “It was scary. I knew I had to do the right thing and tell the authorities, so I recorded the phone call”. Yeah. Super-freakin-credible… dude. The guy mumbled and shrugged all through the testimony; his story seemed so vague and unconvincing that it was laughable. When it was our turn to cross examine the witness, I was PISSED that the Defense attorneys were so… ugh… weak! They did show one thing though – he LIED. He was NOT a member of the OathKeepers. In fact, according to the OathKeeper Bylaws, he was BARRED from the OathKeepers. You cannot have a criminal record if you are a member. Furthermore, this guy didn’t even know anyone from the OathKeepers – not ONE person, and he couldn’t describe one statement. not a single phrase by a single Defendant that was made on the Conference Call. He just kept repeating that the “OathKeepers sounded scary” and that “He felt compelled to ‘do the right thing’ and tell someone.”

It was a well rehearsed, thoroughly practiced narrative. But one that didn’t have ANY room for questioning during the cross examination. Under scrutiny, it rapidly fell apart. But the other attorneys had not even bothered to question his character. My attorney however, was not willing to play patty-cake with this guys feelings. Attorney Crisp asked flat out. “Have you ever been incarcerated?” He hung his head in shame> He must have known this question would arise. “Yes sir” … “And what crime were you incarcerated for committing?” … the Prosecution IMMEDIATELY jumped up. “OBJECTION YOUR HONOR! Relevance?” We got on our little intercom phones, and so we discussed the relevance: Witness Protection, Quid Pro Quo for testimony. So let me tell you right now. The FBI was willing to take this guy OFF the Sex Offender list and give him a squeaky new identity in Witness Protection in exchange for his testimony. When Judge Mehta heard this, he agreed. The question was VERY relevant, so my attorney repeated it. “WHAT did you go to prison for Mr. Abdullai?” … “Um, well it was for Sexual Assault on a..” My attorney snapped “…You RAPED a CHILD, Correct?! And did the Government offer you anything in return for this testimony?” … “Yes. Witness protection and a new identity and …” … “And how MANY identities have you HAD Mr. Abdullai?” … “Well, I had 9 legal name changes, and I have 43 different online personalities” … “and THIS testimony, YOUR testimony today will set you free, yes” … “Yessir” … “Nothing further from the witness your honor”. My Attorney was ON FIRE. I don’t know if he ate his Wheaties that morning, or if he was mad at the whole idea that this guy was leveling half-assed vague accusations at honorable veterans in exchange for witness protection. Probably both. One thing was clear, my attorney was PIIIIIIISSED. And the Jury didn’t seem to appreciate the charade either. The Government was rapidly losing their credibility and they moved on as quickly as they could, and never mentioned Mr. Abdullai ever again. I’m sure they bought him a quiet beach house in Greece somewhere. Or maybe on Epstein Island.