Part 1: Introduction and Recap

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

Today is Valentines Day; my third unromantic holiday spent behind bars for crimes I did not commit, separated from my wonderful husband @montanasiniff as a power play of the Democrat Party. My name is Jessica Watkins and I am Political Prisoner #26050-509. I was formerly known as Political Prisoner #376520 during my tenure in the DC Gulag (DC Dept. of Corrections). How did I get to be here? More importantly, how have I been treated as a result? Allow me to recap my previous 22 part Series, which I called “What Really Happened” in a nutshell. The year of 2020 was a nightmare; COVID-19 caused a massive wave of unconstitutional actions by State governments, including to alter Election laws without approval of the Legislative Branch as is required by the US Constitution. This led to masses of ballots being sent to every address on the voter registrations rolls, which were never purged. This fact, amongst many others, led to the widespread disbelief in the results of the 2020 Election. But while the US Constitution was violated, violent Leftists like Black Lives Matter and Antifa waged a pseudo Revolution against American cities across the nation.

This is what brought me into the street; to protect property, provide medical attention, and document crimes crimes for Law Enforcement. While the Leftists sought to dismantle and defund the Police, I took to the streets to support them and assist them where possible. My group attended 9 BLM Protests, some of which spun out into riots. After the Election, Antifa turned their sights from the Police, and onto the peaceful patriotic Conservatives that were protesting the results of the 2020 Election. This led to me to attending Trump protests and rallies; to assist Police, provide Medical attention, and to protect the protesters from Antifa. Prior to January 5th, I attended 4 Trump rallies. January 5th and 6th were to be no different than previous rallies. We had been assigned to protect VIP’s like Alex Jones, General Michael Flynn, Ali Alexander, Podcasters, and members of Congress. The January 5th event at Freedom Plaza was uneventful, and we protected the VIP Backstage Area. Early the following morning, we woke up, were guided by the Caldwells in order to find parking. After we arrived, we took off our equipment -as ordered by the Secret Service- and we watched our President speak. After we left the rally, the crowd began to scream “Pence betrayed us, it’s over” and sped off toward the Capitol.

As the crowd dispersed, leaving the rally at the White House Ellipse, we began to assemble our Protective Detail. But with the events of J6 unravelling in real time, only half our VIP’s arrived from within the Ellipse. We took the VIP’s that we had, and escorted them to the Capitol as planned. We had a permit to hold the Rally, issued by Capitol Police, where a stage had been built at Area 8 on Capitol Grounds. Upon arrival, this well articulated, lawfully endorsed plan fell apart. The rally at the stage did not occur, and the OathKeepers set off to enjoy the protest. After stopping vandalism of a Police vehicle, I sang the National Anthem on the Capitol steps with the crowd, the OathKeepers foolishly were encouraged to enter the open doors on the East Side of the Capitol. Once within, the other OathKeepers led members of the crowd a prayer circle, while I stopped vandalism, enjoyed the paintings, and took selfies. The OathKeepers got separated during the course of the protest. While me and my friends were crushed in the crowd during a protest, the other group of OathKeepers stumbled across Officer Harry Dunn – who was experiencing severe fatigue and was afraid. Those OathKeepers heroically rescued Harry Dunn, allowing him to reconnect with his fellow Officers, before they left the Capitol Building. Those OathKeepers then assisted Capitol Police in attempting to evict protesters from the building. As they did, my friends and I began to render medical attention to injured protesters, including when I dragged an injured man to the ambulances.

After the curfew was announced, all OathKeepers obeyed lawful orders and left Capitol Grounds. On our way back to our vehicle, me and my group were stopped by several Officers from Metro PD, and provided our accurate information. Once we were released, I told the Officers “God Bless you and everything you do…” and we left. Following the Police encounter, we rescued a Trump supporter that was being beaten by Black Lives Matter activists. After the events of J6, we returned to Ohio. After days, I became the target of the Media and began getting threats. I left my equipment, phone, and anything that could be considered evidence, and I spent several days with the Caldwell family until the Media storm passed. Once the Federal Agents raided my home with a Joint Terrorism Task Force, on January 17th, 2021 I returned to Ohio to surrender myself to authorities. All of this was thoroughly documented in video, audio, texts and emails. This is the raw story of J6, all extrapolations, rhetoric and irrelevancies purged for ease of understanding the raw facts about J6. This is what led me to being held as a Political Prisoner, ever since. I am innocent of ALL crimes, except for one: Impeding Officers Responding to a Civil Disorder. This is my story; A Tale of an American Political Prisoner; incarcerated and mistreated for crimes I did not commit.