Every member of USAA received a message from the CEO of USAA. What he is not telling you is that they have cancelled the accounts of several J6 defendants without a chance to appeal their decisions. We of course do not have the names of all our J6ers who have USAA and how many have been disenfranchised but we have been alerted last year from several of them. The CEO’s message sounds hollow to us considering their shameful action.

Please call USAA and let them know what you think about it!

USAA Main Number

Shortcut Mobile Number

#USAA (8722)

Main Phone Number

USAA Main Mailing Address

9800 Fredericksburg Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78288

However USAA is not the only bank that has cancelled J6ers’ accounts. Make sure you send them a message as well. Check their websites for contact info.

Credit Cards are cancelled and when this happens you lose all your points as well.

Other institutions have done the same.


We will start a hall of shame in the very near future.