Happy Birthday Doug! We are so happy that April and their kids are able to make the long trip to Texas to spend some time with him a little bit before the actual day!
Doug has been vilified by the media – of course! He is a hardworking man, and his sole fault was to enter the Capitol. However, his beliefs about the election fraud is a no-no for this corrupt DOJ that persecutes Trump supporters who asked for their constitutional right to ask for a redress of their grievances to be heard. Mike Pence who on January 4th pretended he wanted the fraud to be exposed, betrayed the whole country by certifying an election that 60% of Americans believe was probably stolen. What a shame Mike Pence!

Please pray for Doug and his lovely family! Contribute to his fundraiser if you can in order to help him pay his fine so he can get commissary.

Douglas Jensen

📬 Douglas Jensen
FMC Fort Worth
Federal Medical Center
PO BOX 15330
Fort Worth, TX, 76119

🎂 08/7 🎂

Has been incarcerated for 933 days.
including remaining serving time for 227 days.