Hello Miss Barbara, my name is Landon K. Copeland. I was informed that the card you sent me was returned to sender. I am sorry and I thank you for thinking of me in these tough times. Please feel free to try again but you must use only postcards like this one I am writing on. Thank you again so much and may freedom Reign Supreme, Sincerely Landon K. Copeland 2-15-23 Subscribe and Share [...]

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This past weekend in C2B at the DC-CTF was another proof of the mental torture J6ers and families as subjugated to. Tablets were removed with the pretense that they were going to get new ones. Another half truth. If it was truly the case, why not exchange the tablets directly - "give me your old one and here is the new one" kind of situation. Instead J6ers, loved ones, as well as their lawyers [...]

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It is unbelievable that it has been over two years and we are still dealing with sentencing, pleas, trials, and new arrests every week. J6ers are being persecuted in many different ways and our only ways to help them through this is to pray for them, support them financially, and write them. One of the special days to remember are their birthdays. So please lovely people, send them a card or a photocopy of [...]

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J6 Markus Maly and help for his autistic children

Markus Maly is not only a J6 Patriot wrongfully persecuted by the DOJ but a good man and a good father to three children, 1, 6 and 22 years old. Two of his sons have autism and need him 24/7. They need special care. Markus was on house incarceration until trial but was not allowed to work, vote, go to the store, go to Church or his children’s doctor appointments. When the FBI raided [...]

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The Corrupt DOJ Is Still Sending Its FBI To Arrest Innocent Protestors from January 6th

Season greetings my friends! Not so much. The DOJ and the FBI do not take a break in their witch hunt against Americans exercising their constitutional rights. They arrested several people in December and several men and women spent their first days in jail during this cherished season. Well, when you steal an election, you have to intimidate and silence your opposition. All J6ers are collateral damage as the real reason is to try to [...]

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1-25-23 Beyond the Headlines: Understanding the J6 Defendants and the Media’s Role

J6 defendants, aka J6ers, are individuals who have been unjustly charged with various crimes related to the protest at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. In the aftermath of the event, media coverage has been extensive and often critical of the defendants. However, we can objectively argue that this coverage has been biased and unfair. One aspect of the media bias against the J6 defendants is the use of loaded language and emotive [...]

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🇺🇸 LETTERS FROM THE GULAG 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 TJ ROBERTSON 🇺🇸 Mailed 10-26-22 Thomas J Robertson Received 10-26-22 Lydia, Thanks for your recent newsletter and thank you for all you do. Sorry you had to mail me twice. As you figured out, I have moved to LSCI Allenwood in PA. Much better place than I was with CVRS. I can go outside as much as I like. have a very nice library, and a job making [...]

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LETTERS FROM THE GULAG 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 LONNIE COFFMAN 🇺🇸 Mailed 10-19-22 Hello Lydia, I have pretty much just given up on getting anything of a serious nature done until I get home. These people either don’t much care or don’t have the budget. I don’t know who is to blame, but somebody should have to buy me another truck and pay to replace everything I had in it. They should have to pay all my [...]

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