Address Updates and Lists Updates with New Incarserations

We wish we did not have to do updates so often especially when new people are starting serving time. But we do not want them to be forgotten so here it is. We who are free at this time have no idea how long a day in jail is, especially when solitary confinement has become the norm for J6ers. So please, write them so they know they are not forgotten! New to our list: [...]

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J.D. Rivera’s Unfair Sentencing Will Start Soon!

Keep J.D. and his family in your prayers. J.D. was unfairly sentenced on 11-3-2022. Judge Kollar-Kotelly gave him a very long sentence considering he carried only misdemeanor charges. At the same time, Antifa and BLM defendants get minimal incarceration if any if they are ever arrested. We all know they are a protected class. We know that caring for a love one in jail is very expensive as they need commissary money to supplement [...]

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Five J6er has been moved out of The Northern Neck Hellish Jail to Lewisburg!

The Northern Neck Jail has earned its reputation for being one of the worst jails in America! The conditions there are horrendous and J6ers are treated even worse than other inmates. It seems like the warden did not like the bad publicity the hell hole received from our friend Barry Ramey. So good, five of them were moved to a better place and we hear that others will be moved soon. Barry spoke with his [...]

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