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Nicole Reffitt is wife of convicted Jan 6er Guy Reffitt, who was the first to go to trial, and convicted in a kangaroo court. She has now temporarily relocated to DC to stand in support of Jan 6ers and their families facing this unjust system, and singing in solidarity with the prisoners nightly with Micki Witthoeft and others on Freedom Corner outside the DC gulag.

Thomas Smith and Donnie Wren: Trial Update #2 – Judge Denies Defense Motions

Today April 28th is the first day the defense in the Donnie Wren and Thomas Smiths jury trial get to lay their case out. Both defendants will be testifying on their own behalf, but first the lawyers for both filed motions for acquittal before the jury receives instruction, what they call rule 29, for several charges. The motions indicate that the government did not prove their case in chief for those particular charges. Most of the [...]

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Thomas Smith and Donnie Wren: Trial Update

Nicole Reffitt Reporting from Washington DC So many things going on in the DC Federal courthouse related to Jan 6ers, but I was able to sit in on Donnie Wren and Thomas Smiths jury trial today. Their Judge is Judge Reggie Walton, a Bush appointed, senior judge since 2015, that believes there will be future political violence if the support for Jan 06 and the defendants continues. Walton has said, “It is scary going forward [...]

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ProudBoys Trial Update by Nicole Reffitt

A sunny day in DC, so sunny I guess a juror for the Proud Boy Trial has decided to take a “sick” day, so court was cut short for today. Honestly, I feel for the jury, there are so many sidebars, and them waiting in a small room, I wonder how much testimony they really get to see in a day?? When court let out, I had coffee with one of the defense attorneys who [...]

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TOTC – Update from Nicole Reffitt and More

Good afternoon from a damp and gloomy DC. Back in the court today, after being out sick, so I missed the 1st day of Bertino, Noble Beard….or some call him turncoat Proud Boy who plead guilty to seditious conspiracy, in return for a lighter sentence for his testimony. The direct is being given by Kennerison, and he is really trying to establish that there was knowledge of the electoral count being certified on Jan 6, [...]

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